Managed LAN Services

Introduction to Managed LAN Services?

Local Area Networks (LANs) can be complex and risky to manage, which is why BCX offers a Managed LAN Services solution. We manage configuration, offer administrative support, conduct monitoring and fault detection, and we also offer troubleshooting tools for various LAN elements. In short, we help you manage all the various connections between your network and the office equipment and devices colleagues use, so that when they connect you can rest assured it is through a secure network that offers 24/7 monitoring and control. Your solution will be tailored so that it is scalable, and you will have access to dedicated experts who are certified service providers.

What is Managed LAN Services

Our BCX Managed LAN Services option offers a convenient and scalable solution that guarantees best practice efficiency. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) match your needs, and free you up to focus on running your business and the bottom line. We service South Africa and Africa-based organisations, from medium- to large-sized partners.

We have the capacity and know-how to oversee switches, routers, access points, and wireless LAN controllers. You can choose a service package that includes consulting and design, cable servicing, on-site support, monitoring, maintenance, or even an upgrade to warranties. We work with you to configure an optimum LAN, install quality Client Premises Equipment (CPE), and connect equipment to our BCX Global Systems Monitoring Centre (GSMC), which handles day-to-day device monitoring and fault alerts.

How Will Managed LAN Services Benefit My Business?

Best Of Breed Standards

  • Reduce risk by using a Cisco Certified Managed Service provider
  • Get peace of mind that security standards are being maintained
  • Access the most up-to-date technological expertise that offers continuous access to mission-critical information
  • Benefit from the reliability of working alongside skilled specialists in their field

Efficiencies And Convenience

  • Reduce the complexity of in-house networks
  • Enjoy access to dedicated resources while saving on staff and training costs
  • Customise services depending on needs and variable demand
  • Tap in to 24/7 controlled management and monitoring of your Client Premises Equipment (CPE)

Flexibility And Scalability

  • Scale up as and when required by rapidly adding routers when you need to
  • Gain insights from all-round visibility that offers a full view of your network
  • Apply monitoring insights to improve service efficiency and response times

More About Managed LAN Services

BCX can provide a logical network design. This logical design includes, but is not limited to, proposed network topology in order to support immediate needs and planned growth, logical IP and addressing schemes, and protocol flows. We also provide cabling services to your Local Area network (LAN) environment

Our BCX Managed LAN Services offer you access to dedicated, certified specialists in their field, Client Premises Equipment (CPE), and also support services.

These include:

  • Manufacturer’s warranty

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty BCX provides Cisco equipment that comes with a three month warranty. This is a carry-in warranty, so it does exclude an engineer’s time and travel, or shipping costs, and will not cover loan equipment.

  • Our BCX Advanced Warranty offers you the choice to upgrade and extend the manufacturer’s warranty benefits. If you encounter a fault, all you need to do is log a call with our help desk, and we will then, in accordance with a Service Level Agreement, manage the logistics covered by the warranty. This includes collecting the faulty unit, delivering a replacement, and returning the repaired unit to you.

  • Preventative Maintenance BCX will perform preventative maintenance on equipment at your premises. This service primarily involves updates and upgrades of software on routers, and configurations. In most cases, we are able to perform this maintenance remotely, because our management system and engineers monitor all equipment continuously.

  • On-site Support BCX provides on-site support on a per incident basis, according to a set Service Level Agreement.

  • Installations, Moves, Additions and Changes (IMAC) BCX performs IMAC in accordance with a Service Level Agreement.

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Why Choose BCX?


BCX is a Cisco Certified Managed Service provider


We offer you the expertise of experienced specialists who stay abreast of the latest technology and Local Area Network (LAN) developments


We offer SLAs with optional add-ons to enhance your Managed LAN Service

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