Managed Directory Services

Introduction to Managed Directory Services

Whether you are a medium or large organisation, you undoubtedly accumulate and work with vast amounts of private and public customer data, such as information about your business, its users and groups, and also computers, and other resources.

All of this needs to be housed in a hosted directory, with the names of network resources mapped to their respective network addresses. The security of this information relies on the governance and implantation of access controls, and maintaining name resolution services to ensure that networked devices can connect to your networked resources. BCX offers Managed Directory Services as part of its IT Managed Services portfolio.

What are Managed Directory Services?

BCX offers you management and support services based on Microsoft best practices and Microsoft Operations Framework standards. We help you with the Microsoft Active Directory (AD), as well as a range of related offerings that include Domain Name Services (DNS), Windows Internet Naming Services (WINS), and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocols (DHCP).

Our Managed Directory Services extend from architecture design and governance to maintenance and monitoring, as well as testing to proactively detect failures.

How Will Managed Directory Services Benefit My Business?

Simplify Administration

  • Make the task of network administration simpler by maintaining a central repository of information

  • Enjoy the ease of scalability because millions of objects can be supported in a single domain

  • Ensure consistency through uniform naming conventions

  • Benefit from easy integration between standards

Enhanced Data Security

  • Optimise security with documented governance protocols

  • Ensure highly secured access to data

  • Adhere to Microsoft best practices and Microsoft Operations Framework standards

  • Implement configuration changes in accordance with the agreed governance processes

More About Managed Directory Services

Our BCX Managed Directory Services offers you support activities that include:

  • Managing administrative accounts and passwords at a domain level, in accordance with an agreed governance document
  • Managing and supporting agreed Organisational Unit (OU) structures so that objects can be classified in directories accurately
  • Providing ongoing system maintenance for the Active Directory (AD) service
  • Monitoring and responding to implemented AD events/thresholds generated by the provided Exchange System Manager (ESM) toolset
  • Testing, deploying and maintaining Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in accordance with your change management process and agreed governance protocols
  • Providing and maintaining architectural diagrams for the AD architecture, and implementing configuration changes in accordance with the agreed governance processes
  • Ensuring that all user accounts and devices that have not logged onto your domain within agreed governance timeframes are disabled
  • Domain Name Services, including architecture and support of internal name spaces, deleting obsolete objects, as well as monitoring to proactively detect service failures, with the implementation of a suitable monitoring tool (ESM)
  • The architecture and documenting of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) implementation
  • Managing provided DHCP IP address ranges, both static addresses and reservations
  • Configuring and presenting Internet Protocol (IP) ranges

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