Introduction to Mainframe Services

Mainframe Services from BCX give you access to the secure, stable, available servers at our Level IV and Level III data centres, and are designed for your heavy-duty, mission critical processing. The services include operating system support, system software management, and technical problem analysis. Our processes are all aligned with the best practices published by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), so you are assured of compliance and adhering to recommended standards. Whether your business is small, medium, large, or even a global enterprises, we can customise a service to meet your mainframe and server needs.

What are Mainframe Services?

Mainframe Services from BCX operate on our shared infrastructure, so you can access new or additional IBM z//OS – the latest IBM 64-bit operating system. This mainframe capacity is monitored and supported 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The servers run on a Logical Partitions (LPAR) basis, where the hardware resources of the computer are virtualised as a number of separate computers, each hosting a separate operating system.

By outsourcing your mainframe capacity, you save costs because you only use the processing power your business processes need, and you can access the latest technology infrastructure on an Operating Expenditure (Opex) basis rather than a Capital Expenditure (Capex) basis. You no longer need to worry about your company’s own technology becoming obsolete or failing. Our availability levels are guaranteed at 99.9% for partners who choose standard availability, and at 99.99% when you choose high availability.

How Will Mainframe Services Benefit My Business?

Cost Savings

  • Leverage an Opex model for your server processes
  • Benefit from outsourcing to BCX and reducing your own capacity needs

Flexibility and Availability

  • Use only the processing power you need
  • Enjoy a service level where we can guarantee availability up to 99.99% of the time

Compliance And Security

  • Take advantage of our alignment with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices
  • Run your processes through our Level III or Level IV data centres

More About Mainframe Services

The basic elements of BCX Mainframe Services include:

  • Managing Technical Architecture
  • Managing third party vendors
  • Providing logical access security for secure identification, authentication, authorisation, and accountability
  • Software support
  • Mainframe clustering known as Parallel Sysplex – which allows you to link up to 32 servers to create a powerful commercial processing clustered system
  • Customisation through managed Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS)
  • Batch processing scheduling
  • Logical Partitions (LPAR), where the hardware resources of the computer are virtualised as a separate computer, hosting a separate operating system
  • Main storage
  • IBM FICON (Fibre Connection) channels
  • Processors
  • Technical support

At BCX we also have the capacity to offer remote support across the world, so if your organisation operates on “rise-to-daylight” or “follow-the-sun” models, we can service you.

Why Choose BCX?


BCX is the undisputed market leader on the African continent, with the only commercial Tier IV certified data centre in Africa


We commit to high availability, world-class services, and support through our Service Level Agreements


We have 35 years’ experience servicing clients in both the public and private sector, across a range of industries

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