Desktop OS Imaging and Deployment

Introduction to Desktop OS Imaging and Deployment

An operating system image is a file that that contains your chosen operating system with the drivers, third-party applications, and any customised elements your business has chosen for its IT environment. When your organisation has an operating system image, you can standardise the desktop operation system environment, reduce desktop support costs, and quickly get new computers up and running. BCX uses the Microsoft Deployment Framework to deliver an end-to-end solution for efficient planning, building, testing, and deployment of the Windows base operating systems – Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, and Windows 10 – even if you already have ConfigMngr installed on your network.

What is Desktop OS Imaging and Deployment?

When you partner with BCX to create a standard operating system image, you have the foundation for a reliable and manageable desktop environment, and the basis for core and supplemental application packaging and deployment processes. An operating system image consists of two basic environments. Firstly, your Standard Operating Environment (SOE) has the base operating system image with core business applications which everyone in your organization needs. Then you may also have a Managed Operating System Environment (MOE), with the base operating system image, core applications, and additional applications which can be grouped by department, business unit or location.

Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager tool, known as ConfigMgr, is the Microsoft configuration management tool of choice, and allows for zero touch deployment scenarios because everything is done remotely through your network.

How Will Desktop OS Imaging and Deployment Benefit My Business?

Standardised operating systems environment

  • Unify all the systems in your organisation
  • Leverage the fact that you can standardise software configuration according to best practice standards
  • Benefit from our ability to work with your existing ConfigMgr systems

Installation and Updates With Speed

  • Automate (zero touch) or semi-automate (light touch) installations and updates
  • Quickly install, update and configure both new and existing hardware
  • Restore user devices to pre-update settings in the event of failures

Reduced on-site support

  • Automate tasks so IT staff do not have to waste time on unnecessary configurations
  • Load updates or new installations from portable storage devices such as external hard drives and memory sticks

More About Desktop OS Imaging and Deployment

When we build a standard corporate desktop image, it includes any or all of the following:

  • Creation of the base operating system image
  • Driver ingestion for five hardware models
  • Application deployment
  • Deployment testing of the created image
  • User state migration
  • Integration of the base image into ConfigMgr (if your system already uses it)
  • Operating system maintenance

BCX offers additional optional services, which include:

  • Deploying the image to production workstations
  • Creating ConfigMgr migration points and PXE points
  • Provisioning of hardware

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