Data Assurance Services

Introduction to Data Assurance Services

At BCX, we offer a Data Assurance Service that gives your organisation a secure, reliable, scalable, and risk-free backup and recovery plan. You will always have access to your data, no matter which level you choose – hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly backups. In the event of a loss or corruption of the data, we guarantee a two hour response time.

What are Data Assurance Services?

Data Assurance Services from BCX consist of excellent in-house skills, with NetBackup as a single solution to protect all your data assets, backup software and infrastructure with built-in redundancy, improved backup and restore times, and regular destruction of backups to ensure compliance. This cost-effective monthly service is charged per Gigabyte (GB) based on your “front-end data”, and reduces the need for equipment on your premises. Our Data Assurance Service runs from a shared storage environment, so you also leverage economies of scale. Because it is a pay-per-use plan, and works on an operational cost (OPEX) basis, it has the flexibility to expand or contract as your business changes.

We put the right assurance services in place so that you can be completely comfortable that your organisation complies with your industry standards and regulatory parameters for data security and storage.

How Will Data Assurance Services Benefit My Business?

Secure Backups

  • Benefit from high performance, elastic automation, and centralised management based on a flexible, multitier architecture so the solution isadaptable to the needs of a growing, fast-paced, modern, enterprise data centre
  • Get a comprehensive single solution to protect all of your data assets, because NetBackup provides support for virtually every popular server, storage, hypervisor, database, and application platform used in enterprises today
  • Ensure compliance with your industry standards and regulatory parameters

Cost Benefits

  • Leverage the cost efficiencies of a monthly service, charged per GB
  • Save on investing in your own equipment
  • Leverage economies of scale with our shared data environment


  • Increase or reduce your storage as business needs change
  • Use an on-demand service for ad hoc needs

More About Data Assurance Services

The BCX Data Assurance Services include:

  • Working with you to develop and implement your data recovery processes and procedures
  • Providing and maintaining the devices and infrastructure necessary to schedule, operate and support your Data Assurance Service
  • Providing the Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure to connect your servers to infrastructure and devices
  • Partner access to a service desk
  • Regular reporting
  • Monitoring media (storage devices) usage and providing forecasts of future media requirements

In order for BCX to properly maintain and operate your Data Assurance Service, your company must of course already have network connectivity and a backup strategy, with a backup requirement document for each server. It is also critical that you keep us informed of any future business requirements or changes that you plan for your business processes.

BCX offers the following options that can be added to your Data Assurance Service plan at an additional cost:

  • Migrating backups to Data Assurance Services, including the initial establishment and configuration of backup requirements and policies with associated documentation
  • Performing recovery services for scheduled disaster recovery testing and in actual disaster situations
  • Consulting to review and make recommendations on your data protection environment, for example, backup assessments
  • Disk-to-disk backups in a flat file (plain text) format (this excludes the target storage capacity required)
  • Customising and ad hoc backups on an ongoing basis, including extended retention periods
  • Destroying backup media and backups to ensure compliance
  • Co-ordinating an off-site media storage facility and media tracking
  • Additional reporting for Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) compliancy
  • Media (storage devices) procurement on a request basis

Why Choose BCX?


BCX offers a Data Assurance Service across your complete data life cycle


We help you to develop a Data Assurance backup and recovery plan that suits your business, and is flexible enough to grow and change as necessary


Using our shared backup capacity, in our completely secure Tier III and Tier 4 Data Centres, means you leverage cost savings through economies of scale


We have 35 years of experience in providing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services to South African and African organisations, in both the private and public sectors

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