Facilities Management Services

Introduction to Facilities Management Services

Owning your own data centre is one thing, but managing and maintaining it is quite another. Luckily we have years of experience in this regard, and in order to save you time and money, we’ll be happy to take over the management of your ICT facilities, at a fraction of what it would have cost you to employ an in-house Facilities Management team.

What are Facilities Management Services?

As the information age continues to drive the computerisation of information, many organisations are investing large amounts of capital to set up their own data centres. While this is mostly considered a necessary expenditure, many businesses neglect to factor in the concomitant cost of maintaining these centres. That’s where we come in. With no less than three Tier IV data centres, and the largest number of qualified data centre specialists in Africa,BCX has the experience and expertise to manage all your ICT facilities to world-class standards.

In a nutshell, Facilities Management involves the successful and profitable operation, management and monitoring of buildings and infrastructure. Our services include handling all aspects of administration and operations at your ICT facilities, from managing ICT floor and rack space to organising security access control, as well as any additional services you may require.

We also provide monthly reports on everything from availability to power usage and maintenance, so you’ll have a complete overview of operations in order to plan ahead and make changes where necessary.

How Will Facilities Management Benefit My Business?

Save Money

  • Replace the high cost of employing a team of in-house ICT experts with a single monthly

Improve Functionality

  • Our experts will identify and report on areas within your facilities where improvements can be made to enhance your ICT capabilities.

Maintain Focus

  • The proficient management of your ICT facilities frees up more time and resources for growing your business.

More About Facilities Management

There are several business challenges that impact the way in which IT services are effectively provisioned. These include:

  • The availability of ICT infrastructure
  • The cost of owning your own data centre
  • Non-availability of power and water utilities

In addition to employing the largest number of data centre specialists in Africa, we also have consulting expertise to help our clients design, build and commission new data centres, or upgrade existing facilities. Each of the components of the data center and its supporting systems are properly planned, designed, and implemented to work together to ensure reliable access of data centre resources while supporting future requirements.

Our diverse range of Facilities Management Services include:

  • Building and building maintenance
  • Access control
  • Physical security / Intrusion detection / Armed response
  • CCTV
  • UPS
  • Generator
  • Cooling
  • Management services
  • Building management system
  • Cleaning of facilities
  • Raised Flooring
  • Fire detection and suppression

We know how difficult it can be to relinquish control of certain aspects of your business, which is why we maintain close communication with clients around the activities we manage at their facilities. To this end, monthly reports are supplied, which cover the following aspects:

  • Availability Statistics (SLA)
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Power Usage (rack level)
  • Access Control Report To Data Cen

Why Choose BCX?


As the only South African IT Service Provider with three Tier IV data centres, we are adept at planning and managing complex IT systems and infrastructure.


We’ve partnered with leading engineering firms to design, build and maintain state-of- the-art IT facilities.


Our engineers strictly adhere to internationally accepted ITIL process and procedures.


With the largest number of qualified data centre specialists in Africa, we’ll manage your facilities with proficiency.

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