Introdution to SAP Technical Support

Many businesses and organisations have improved efficiencies by implementing SAP solutions that might span across platforms, technology, operating systems, software, and digital business services, so they need technical support that includes services, call desk, and service management help. At BCX we help you achieve this through our Enterprise Resource Planning portfolio, which includes SAP Technical Support.

What is SAP Technical Support?

BCX partners with you to offer SAP Technical Support that can be delivered on-site, off-site, or through a mix of the two. You will be able to tap in to the expertise of highly trained and experienced SAP experts, covering all areas of SAP functionality. On-site experts can be dedicated full-time to your organisation, essentially forming part of your core SAP support team, or you might opt to retain just a few key experts on-site, with the flexibility to contract experts for more complex ad hoc work by using our SAP Support Hubs. BCX services global partners, so you can benefit from SAP Technical Support no matter where you are located.

How Will SAP Technical Support Benefit My Business?

Optimise SAP System Availability

  • Ensure the ongoing operation of systems and the ability to take corrective action through our
  • Preventative Maintenance, a set of tasks conducted repetitively on a short-term basis to, monitor all components of your system and maintain performance within predefined thresholds
  • Rely on your ability to take preventative corrective action through our Secondary Maintenance service, which conducts tasks on an ongoing longer-term basis, to ensure a healthy and well-performing system
  • Gain monitoring and system health check insights from standard monthly reports
  • Avoid non-conformance and ensure constant compatibility with global standards

Integrate Monitoring

  • Leverage the fact that BCX
  • is one of the first SAP support partners in South Africa to implement a Run-SAP-like-a-Factory process – this means the SAP Solution Manager creates a central Operations Control Centre
  • You get status and runtime information on the most important business processes, their critical interfaces, and also underlying software components
  • Get critical alerts and immediate error analysis from all SAP and non-SAP backend components
  • Optimise the benefits of automatically integrating the SAP system, through adapters and interfaces to any existing Java and .NET applications

More About SAP Technical Support

As a SAP certified partner centre of expertise, we offer our clients access to a world class and highly flexible SAP support centre that is structured and engineered to offer a tiered solution approach that covers all aspects of SAP technical support and maintenance.

Why Choose BCX?


BCX is a certified SAP partner and are endorsed by SAP AG, so you can rest assured that our facilities, processors, support standards and supporting services adhere to the standards expected by SAP Germany


We are one of the first SAP support partners in South Africa to implement the Run-SAP-like-a-Factory process, allowing the SAP Solution Manager to create a central Operations Control Centre


In addition to implementing Run-SAP-like-a-Factory in our support environment, we have developed the Run-SAP-like-a-factory template that can be installed on your own systems if you are a non-hosted partner

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