Enterprise Performance Improvement

Introduction to Enterprise Performance Improvement

At BCX we offer an Enterprise Performance Improvement (EPI) service to enable you improve customer satisfaction, facilitate change management, improve staff capabilities, increase revenue, and reduce costs. We work with your business management, IT management, operations management, and risk management colleagues to implement a plan, based on international best practice techniques, so we can optimise your entire value chain and improve your business capabilities and operational model across the board.

What is Enterprise Performance Improvement?

We know that in order for your business to perform, you require a well-designed operating model, properly orchestrated business processes, and flexible, enabling technology. When you partner with us, we use best practice techniques to clarify strategic intent, design business and operating models, streamline and automate business processes, and manage the organisational change required. All of these EPI strategies in turn support your business in an ongoing, structured, and measurable way.

EPI from BCX comprises four key services that range from Enterprise Capability Assessment (ECA) and Business Process Management (BPM), to Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), and Organisational Change Leadership (OCL).

How Will Enterprise Performance Improvement Benefit My Business?

Improved Capability

  • Ensure you can meet your strategic goals through the Enterprise Capability Assessment
  • Select extension initiatives that will have the quickest and most significant business improvement
  • Align your structure to your value chain

Increased Efficiencies

  • Implement changes to both processes and your organisational structure to increase efficiency
  • Optimise structure and process flows throughout your value chain
  • Leverage our expertise in balanced scorecard,
  • key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboard information formats, and individual performance management
  • Increase purchasing efficiencies, bargaining power, and information integration

Optimised Change Management

  • Develop an internal change plan to facilitate the smooth implementation of changes
  • Identify what training will be needed to successfully implement and maintain new processes
  • Enable faster, smarter decision making
  • Implement communication plans to ensure smooth transition to new systems

More About Enterprise Performance Improvement

BCX Enterprise Performance Improvement is a service that helps you improve and align all your business processes and organisational structure to optimise your value chain. Services include:

Enterprise Capability Assessment (ECA)

This assessment enables your organisation to establish if it has the necessary capabilities to meet its strategic goals, and if not, to plan for the extension of those capabilities in order to enable these strategic goals. We customise this process to cover any of the following aspects: strategy, business architecture, governance, processes, structure, and technology. We determine what is called an ‘estimated improvement opportunity’, which allows your company to select those initiatives that will have the quickest and most significant business improvement impact.

Business Process Management (BPM)

When we look at BPM, our goal is to improve how work is done in your organisation, so that you can in increase profitability, or enhance service quality, or both. We help you optimise current processes through consolidation, eliminating duplication, removing unnecessary processes, and improving workflows for critical processes. We do much more than simply optimise the mechanism of your processes; we also ensure alignment between strategy, process, technology, and organisational structure, so that the initiatives deliver maximum impact for your business. We also advise you on how to manage your business processes internally, both by designing and embedding business process management practices, and by making recommendations on the selection and deployment of technologies that support business process management.

Sometimes, changes to the operating model and processes in your business may have an impact on the structure of your organisation. For this reason our BPM offerings include organisational structure and governance alignment that align your structure to your value chain – by doing this we help you optimise value creation, in both effective governance and a reduction of costs.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

This range of services allows you to manage the overall performance of your enterprise. The services are modular, so you can mix-and-match, and they integrate seamlessly with our BPM services, so that you have a complete solution. Our approach to performance management is holistic in nature, and is customised around your company’s specific needs, but would usually include services such as:

  • Enterprise Balanced Scorecards
  • Strategy Maps
  • Cascading Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Executive Information Requirements (Dashboards)
  • Individual Performance Management

Organisational Change Leadership (OCL)

Why Choose BCX?


BCX is a leading provider of a holistic Enterprise Performance Improvement service that ensures alignment across your entire enterprise


We offer performance improvement services that are modular in nature, so we can we customise the services according to your business maturity, context and requirements


Our end-to-end approach includes assessment and management, all the way through to measurement, so you can maximise your entire value chain and proactively manage and measure benefits.

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