Enterprise Architecture

Introduction to Enterprise Architecture

When your organisation partners with BCX to develop an Enterprise Architecture plan, we work with you to develop a strategic Information and Communications Technology (ICT) structure, which provides a common, consistent view across your entire business. This not only gives you insights that support your company’s strategic planning and strategic programme management, but also gives you a roadmap for Information Technology (IT) planning, and IT asset and portfolio management. We maintain this architecture beyond the design phase to provide you with further crucial related services.

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Once you have a well-defined Enterprise Architecture programme from BCX, you will have the tools to plan strategically, identify risk, and identify impacts and potential complexity if you make changes to your business. Our team of experts in Enterprise Architecture work with the business managers, IT managers, and strategic managers in your team, and are especially effective when you embark on business improvement and optimisation programmes.

Our Enterprise Architecture projects include IT assessments and strategy, establishing, developing, implementing, and maintaining sustainable architectures, and also business process and application portfolio management.

How Will Enterprise Architecture Benefit My Business?

Create a Sustainable Architecture

  • Link IT to your business strategies
  • Manage your costs
  • Improve processes and remove inconsistencies
  • Set up EA committees to monitor compliance

Improve Strategic Collaboration

  • Get real-time, comprehensive information
  • Use information strategically
  • Identify risks
  • Identify the impact changes may have

Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Minimise duplication
  • Consolidate
  • Rationalise
  • Standardise
  • Optimise

Benefits Tracking

  • Quantify investments vs benefit
  • Maintain congruence between strategy and ICT investments

More About Enterprise Architecture

At BCX we have years of experience in establishing, implementing and assisting your business to maintain a sustainable Enterprise Architecture. Our services include:

Enterprise Architecture Establishment
The elements we need to create to establish your Enterprise Architecture capabilities are:

  • EA practice governance
  • EA practice process
  • EA practice organisation
  • EA practice framework
  • Content metamodel of the EA practice
  • EA practice knowledge transfer
  • EA practice sustainability

Together, these provide you with a working EA planning capability, built on a sound understanding of your entire organisational environment, and its various interdependencies.

Enterprise Architecture Development
Depending on the needs of your organisation, we work with your individual business units, or your entire enterprise, engaging with any, or all of your strategy, organisation, process, information, applications, and technology infrastructure architectures. We identify key strategies and future requirements, and drive out the gaps that exist within the architecture, the operations of IT, and inconsistencies in your IT portfolio. With this information, we are able to develop your business requirements and solution designs, aligned to your company’s vision of the future.

We present an EA migration plan and roadmap that identifies the key initiatives needed to implement the ongoing Enterprise Architecture. Along with this, we maintain your IT portfolio and roadmap, through regular tracking and updates, to keep it sustainable.

At BCX, we are able to develop an integrated model, or ‘dashboard’ of your organisation, in effect a visualisation of how it fits together, which allows you to do business planning, IT planning, impact analysis and more.

Enterprise Architecture Implementation
We hold your hand through the implementation process, including ongoing management of your Enterprise Architecture. We create governance mechanisms to help with the establishment, staffing, and management of your IT department, and the investments it makes for the benefit of the business. We advise on how you can create architecture forums and architecture review committees, which monitor and co-ordinate initiatives to best realise the expected business benefits from your EA.

Enterprise Architecture Maintenance
The maintenance process we implement for your company ensures the sustainability of your EA programme, and can include maintaining and continually improving your Enterprise Architecture. By maintaining your architecture and the accompanying roadmaps, future plans are clear, so that potential risks and key impacts are kept to a minimum.

EA Sustainability
BCX can offer your business Enterprise Architecture services on a monthly basis, provided by our consultants, using our toolsets. In this way we are able to give you key reports, and identify enhancements and optimisations that will support the architecture and add functionality.

This monthly services allows us to initially, implement an EA knowledge base, and then, to ensure that your EA capabilities – processes, practice, governance, people, architectures, and knowledge base – are operational and sustainable. We do this by working through the following steps:

  • Architecture governance through review boards, engagement model and steering committees to guide, approve, and redirect
  • IT portfolio planning with strategies, long range planning, cost and risk management, and portfolio optimisation
  • Business enablement that sustains business and enables future business capability through sound architectural designs and solutions

Why Choose BCX?


BCX offers an end-to-end Enterprise Architecture service through a fully integrated practice that gives you a logical, consistent overview of your entire organisation’s strategies, objectives, business process, and information requirements, and the technology infrastructure and application systems that enable them


We partner with organisations across the public and private sectors to fulfil Information and Communications (ICT) needs


We offer the best prices for global standard services and products

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