Business Continuity Management

Introduction to Business Continuity Management?

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is concerned with managing an organisation’s ability to continue to provide a pre-determined and agreed level of services to support the minimum business requirements following an interruption to the business.

What is Business Continuity Management ?

Our approach reflects the significant reliance of organisations on IT infrastructure and systems to conduct business effectively, efficiently and competitively. Our focus is on operational, legal and IT continuity risks.

The agreed BCM maturity level is achieved through a well-structured implementation approach that implements internationally accepted best practises, standards and methodologies. These are applied and aligned with the requirements of our clients, thus ensuring a business continuity discipline that matches the organisation culture and strategy.

The standards include Business Continuity Institute UK (BCI) practices; Publicly Available Specification 56 (PAS56), which provides a best practice set of guidelines for business use to measure against and standardise a business continuity program; BS25999, a new standard that replaces PAS56 and forms a more modern approach to business continuity standards; the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL ) continuity framework and Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT ), that provides a governance control framework for the ensuring of continuous service. Combined, these standards and frameworks provide the optimum means of creating and delivering a well-designed business continuity plan.

How Will Business Continuity Management Benefit My Business?

Safeguard Business Processes

  • Ensure that critical services can continue during interruptions
  • Understand your risks and reduce the impact of a system failure
  • Improve alignment between IT and business continuity priorities

Protect Your Image

  • Give clients peace of mind
  • Uphold brand reputation
  • Offer colleagues high availability of services


  • Implement cost-effective end-to- end solution
  • Ensure minimal disruption of essential services
  • Lower insurance premiums through improved risk management


  • Improve auditor access to information
  • Maintain governance levels
  • Comply with regulations and legislation

More About Business Continuity Management

BCX’s Business Continuity Management services offer an end-to- end and step-by- step approach that includes:

Continuity Assessment

A thorough BCM assessment gives you a foundation from which to develop the best process model for your business. We first assess and measure the compliance of your existing programme against the current accepted best practises and standards. For this, we use a combination of the principles outlined by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), and the continuity framework created by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), both UK-based internationally-recognise dorganisations. We also apply Publicly Available Specification 56 (PAS56), which provides a best practice set of guidelines to measure against, and BS25999, a new standard that updates and will eventually replace PAS56, and provides a more modern approach to business continuity standards. We also apply Control. Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT), which provides a governance control framework to ensure continuous service.

Organisational Awareness

We help you communicate business continuity plans to colleagues, and then train them to be prepared – our BCX experts guide you through this organisational change management process. Once complete, everyone will be aware of their duties and responsibilities, and what actions they must take if a major incident occurs.

Business Continuity Process Implementation

Next, we identify your organisation’s critical business functions, identify any risks it faces, and develop appropriate BCM strategies, policies, and plans. We will help you identify the most appropriate recovery solutions, ways to minimise risk, and what your ITC system needs to do for your company. We give you a step-by- step crisis management plan to make sure you can resume business and IT services in the event of a disaster.

IT Service Continuity Process Implementation

Once a solution is designed, we work with you to implement the elements of the plan. We create temporary risk reduction measures, andestablish your offsite standby arrangements. We perform initial testing and a walk-through of all plans and procedures before handing the project over to you.

Ongoing Operational Management and Maintenance

We regularly test your systems, and work with you to continue change management processes and training; education and awareness for your colleagues; and assurance, continual review, and audit of the business continuity operational context. We provide recovery plan maintenance and rehearsals, disaster rehearsals and recoverability tests. In the event that you do have a business interruption, we work with you during the actual recovery to support your implementation activities.

Continuity Hosting Services

Apart from working with you to create your BCM plan, and assisting your company to implement it, we also offer real-world continuity hosting services which consist of:

o A Business Continuity Centre with over 100 seats in Sunninghill, Johannesburg. This offers a command centre, call centre facilities and general work areas for your critical staff. We can also provide dealer desks if needed

o Alternative Recovery Site Hosting at a number of fully managed facilities, either dedicated or syndicated (shared) with your choice of tier 3 or tier 4 data centres for recovery hosting. These sites are referred to as hot (a full duplication of your business with near complete backups of your data and equipment available), warm (certain of your equipment available, with older versions of your data available) or cold (a shell where equipment and your data backups will need to be brought in)

o Electronic Vaulting, providing replication and storage of critical data in near-real time

o Managed High Availability Services at our world-class, purpose-built data centres, which have been designed and constructed as high availability data centres. They have multiple power and cooling distribution paths, redundant components and 99.995% availability. This ensures an absolute degree of operational continuity of business systems and supporting technology, and allows your services to continue to meet service levels, even if specific components have failed.

Why Choose BCX?


BCX offers you years of experience creating integrated Business Continuity Plans


We apply an integrated approach that offers a consistent view of your strategies, objectives, business processes, information requirements, and the ICT that supports them


We have a deep understanding of, and expertise in, change management, and the importance of including all colleagues in the Business Continuity Management plan


Our Tier 4 data centre is the most secure in Africa and is available to your business should disaster strike

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