Transition and Project Management

Introduction to Transition and Project Management

Dealing with the nitty-gritty of implementing new projects, or transitioning old ones over to new providers, can be challenging for many businesses. To make these tedious processes a little easier for you, our experts can provide Transition and Project Management services to assist in ensuring that any transitions, changes, or ongoing projects are handled appropriately, with no interruptions to service provision.

What is Transition and Project Management?

Our Transition and Project Management services encompass complete project life cycle involvement – from solutions analysis to implementation, testing, and post-implementation evaluation – by highly skilled professionals. We are dedicated to ensuring that every stage of the project cycle is fluid, that tasks are achieved in good time, and that any transitions of service are handled smoothly.

How Will Transition and Project Management Benefit My Business?

Minimise Downtime

  • By ensuring all transitions are handled smoothly, you can continue without any service disruptions.


  • Planned processes ensure the systematic adherence to transition plans and project management protocols.

More About Transition and Project Management

The main purpose of Transition and Project Management is to ensure that any crucial ICT services relating to ongoing or new projects are managed and migrated to enable ongoing service delivery. With a dedicated Project Management Office and Transition Management services, we aim to facilitate smooth and simple project lifespans and transitions between services. If your business chooses to make use of our Project Management service, we will take full accountability for the functioning of the Project Management Office, which is responsible for the successful delivery of all your business projects.

Transition Management leaves us responsible for ensuring that all systems transitions, whether internal or third-party supplied, are handled smoothly and efficiently on your behalf.

Why Choose BCX?


Our skilled and certified personnel are able to advise on Project Management and Transition processes according to industry best practices.


We’re one of Africa’s most trusted providers of IT-related services, with over 30 years of experience.


Our current 4.25 ITIL v3 rating is the highest in South Africa.


We use advanced IT systems to monitor and track all of your projects and necessary transitions.

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