Service Integration Management

Introduction to Service Integration Management

Most businesses today operate with the help of a number of different service providers, all offering varying degrees of service. Our Service Integration Management solution gives you the tools you need to seamlessly integrate all of these interdependent services into end-to-end services, designed to meet your unique business requirements.

What is Service Integration Management?

Managing service providers can quickly become a full-time job, splitting your focus and diverting your attention away from the main purpose of your business – to serve your customers. To solve this dilemma, you may choose to employ a full-time service integration manager, or you can outsource Service Integration Management to us and have one of our experienced specialists on call and at your service. With years of practical and technical experience in this area, our Service Integration Management team will take over the responsibility of managing the end-to-end service lifecycle within the accounts of one (or more) IT Services. Your new Service Integration Manager will be skilled in facilitating and managing Services through all the phases of development and implementation, including strategy, design, transition, operations, and making continual service improvements.

How Will A Service Integration Manager Benefit My Business?

Increased Efficiency

  • Proactive service management with automated reporting lead to reduced ICT disruption and improved productivity.

Cost Reduction

  • Reduce your IT expenditure by choosing a scalable solution that fits the size and needs of your business.

Peace of Mind

  • Guaranteed adherence to all Service Level Agreements, ensures the timeous delivery of all services

Streamlined Service

  • A single point of contact eliminates confusion around roles and responsibilities when it comes to managing services.

More About Service Integration Management

Having one of our experts act as the Service Integration Manager for your business will ensure smooth operational efficiency and the management of all interconnected services across the scope of your organisation. It removes all the worry of monitoring Service Level Agreements, ensures that all integrated services are functioning together at full capacity, and means you can get on with attending to your core business needs while we handle everything else. Your new Service Integration Manager will act as a single point of reference for all service-related issues, provide escalation management where necessary, and ensure continual service improvements to provide quality and consistency. This will be done through the organisation and attendance of regular service improvement meetings.

Additionally, the Service Integration Manager will be responsible for identifying any risks to your system, provide monthly service level reports, and manage all service delivery.

Why Choose BCX?


We have proven capabilities and a track record with over 30 years as a leading full-service IT Outsourcer.


We are the leading providers of IT Services Management on the African continent with an Independent ITIL maturity rating of 4.25.


We have the largest pool of ICT talent in Africa with an ICT workforce of over 7000 skilled employees with multi-disciplined skills sets and vast experience in service provision.


We design and implement systems according to international best practice, ensuring you are always ahead of the curve.

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