Release Management

Introduction to Release Management

If your business is gearing up to unleash new products to the market, you need a system to track and monitor the effect that these products will have on your IT systems. Our Release Management offering will ensure that your IT systems have the functionality required to handle any changes to existing infrastructure, ensuring smooth service all the way.

What is Release Management?

Any new product released by your business will require a change in your IT systems. Release Management ensures that the monitoring and tracking of any new products will fit seamlessly into pre-existing IT systems. In a nutshell, Release Management can be viewed as a tool to assemble and position all aspects of new and upcoming services into production, and to establish the effective use of Release Management services. This includes the planning and coordination of resources, and managing any potential risks to ensure that changes to existing systems are managed with firm quality control, linking to overarching business strategy and goals.

The broad objective of the Release Management process is to ensure that new releases are recorded and evaluated with all necessary authorisations and plans in place. A strong Release Management process has the added benefit of ensuring compliance with relevant process, business and ICT governance, as the analysis of these aspects form a crucial part of developing a sound Release Management strategy for your business.

How Will Release Management Benefit My Business?

Reduced Risk

  • All new releases are managed and controlled to mitigate any system risks incurred by introducing new products.

Minimised Downtime

  • Effective management ensures minimal disruption to ongoing services when introducing new products

Better Planning

  • A comprehensive and consolidated process management plan facilitates the implementation and roll-out of new products.

Resource Management

  • Plan and coordinate new releases and the resources needed to manage new products across the entire organisational structure.

More About Release Management

The Release Management process provides guidance on the building, testing and delivering of new releases of ICT services for your business. These new releases can be implemented by rolling out a combination of new application software, together with upgraded or new hardware. We ensure that any new processes will tie in and are compatible with existing infrastructure and IT management plans, and provide authorised, traceable records of new releases. This means you’ll always know what exactly is happening with new inputs to your IT systems, leading to comprehensive and consolidated service. Our Release Management solutions are based on a local control, with a centralised management concept. We will provide your business with an ITIL aligned service management toolset, which we manage and maintain for you.

Our Release Management solutions are offered on a variety of different service plans, allowing you the flexibility to choose what’s best for your business.

Our Bronze Service provides qualified Full Time Employee Release Management Administration staff, responsible for Release Management Administration delivery within your business environment, according to the your governance and policies, and under you own management.

The Silver Service covers the whole assembly and implementation of new release services for operational use, covering the full spectrum from release planning through to early life support. Testing will be conducted, and the results handed over to the release management team to ensure service that fits your business needs.

The Gold Service is even more comprehensive, and is aimed at customers who require our Release Management programming to facilitate the planning of test activities, and to manage the tracking of testing through the Release Management tool, in addition to managing the deployment and production of new Releases.

If your business has an end-to-end Release Management solution already in place, you might be interested in our Platinum Service. This includes the planning, building, and testing of all new Releases within your IT systems.

Why Choose BCX?


Our Release Management services are developed according to global best practice.


We have vast experience in developing IT systems that mitigate risk exposure, and continually assess and improve your processes.


We have the highest ITIL v3 rating in South Africa, currently at 4.25 ITIL.


We deploy advanced systems and processes designed to ensure stellar end-to-end services across the sphere of IT management.

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