Hardware Asset Management

Introduction to Hardware Asset Management

Do you know what you have in your IT Department? When was the last time you took stock of all the computers, hard drives, printers, servers, routers, scanners and other equipment in your IT department? If you, like many other business owners, can’t recall, you should consider outsourcing this vital task to a qualified company like BCX. Our Hardware Asset Management solutions were designed to manage and record all your IT-related assets, from acquisition through to disposal.

What is Hardware Asset Management?

As a business owner, keeping track of your assets is incredibly important. Our Hardware Asset Management service removes the stress of monitoring and tracking each and every bit of hardware in your business, allowing you to focus on your core business functions. We provide a blend of financial, contractual and inventory monitoring functions, that enable strategic decision making and planning for your IT department.

Hardware Asset Management allows your business to minimise hardware losses, and encourages the redeployment of assets to new employees, thus minimising your spend on new equipment. We also monitor leasing agreements to ensure that all hardware needs are consistently met. The primary function of Hardware Asset Management is to assume accountability for the life-cycle management of IT assets throughout your business, and as one of Africa’s leading providers of ICT services, we’re perfectly positioned to do exactly that.

How Will Hardware Asset Management Benefit My Business?

Reduce Costs

  • The effective redeployment of assets amongst staff means less spending on new IT hardware.

Minimise Losses

  • Tracking and monitoring your IT assets minimises losses suffered through theft or other misuse of IT resources.

Manage Contracts

  • The careful management of renewal dates eliminate the risk of lease expirations and late return

Minimise Downtime

  • Early event detection means problems can be actioned before any disruptions to service occu

More About Hardware Asset Management

We have a number of different Hardware Asset Management products on offer, all of which enable you to monitor and track your IT assets, and ensure that all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) regarding hardware leasing are met and renewed where necessary. You have the freedom to choose which level of service best meets the needs of your business.

HAMaas Lite has ability to perform the tracking of Hardware Assets within your organisation by leveraging a variety of tools and databases. This provides information that will enable the planning of asset refresh cycles, purchases, upgrades or disposals. Information of each asset will be identified and documented within the Asset scope.

Our SACM Classic (Manage refresh and deployment based on Contract) offering provides everything included under the Lite product, but with the addition of asset warranty information and refresh cycle management. This means that an asset will be flagged when it is due for refresh or replacement, depending on the criteria and policies of your business. Reports will be generated on the level of machines under warranty as well as number of machines that required refreshes (monthly), covering your full IT estate.

Our SACM Premium (Asset Auditing) offering includes the Lite and Classic services, as well as logistic management of all procured IT assets. By opting for this premium service, we’ll take full responsibility for loading assets onto your system, stock room management, and the allocation and return of assets managed through this process.

The Full Lifecycle (PRDMD) (SACM Premium Plus) product includes all aspects of our other Hardware Asset Management offerings, in addition to the procurement of assets. In conjunction with logistic management and refresh cycle management, our team will manage the full life-cycle of assets on behalf of your business, covering all aspects of the Hardware Asset Management process.

Our centralised approach aims to raise the maturity of your Hardware Asset Management function by assisting you with the review and implementation of processes and technologies, in line with best practices and standards, to ensure that Hardware assets are consistently managed to improve control and mitigate risk.

All business that wish to reduce their IT spend and accurately track their Hardware environment will greatly benefit from our Hardware Asset Management Service. Together, we will grow your business by adapting to your immediate needs and long-term goals.

Why Choose BCX?


We have a centralised skills base and years of experience in IT asset management.


Extensive experience in the field of Hardware Asset Management allow us to apply global best practices.


Our experts will work with your business to develop solutions perfectly suited to your business needs.


We use advanced IT systems to monitor and track all of your IT assets comprehensively and thoroughly.

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