Event Management

Introduction to Event Management

In an IT context, Event Management is about evaluating the impact that IT events (like notifications from other applications or tools) have on IT systems and service delivery, and when we commit to managing your events, we will make sure every single IT event is managed throughout their lifecycle. The Event Management process aims to provide a single point of monitoring and management of events in the IT Operations domain.

What is Event Management?

Any IT occurrence, whether it be a service disruption, or a simple notification from an IT application, is classified as an ‘event’ in IT systems management. Event Management in IT is therefore a way to monitor these occurrences, evaluate their impact on the IT system, and mitigate any possible disruptions. Since every event is picked up by the system, events can also be used to trigger routine IT activities, including those that are usually performed manually. As a result, Event Management can be viewed as the basis for operational monitoring and control within IT systems.

If events are programmed to communicate operational information, as well as warnings and exceptions, they can be used as a basis for automating many routine operations management activities. In a nutshell, the purpose of event management is to manage events throughout their lifecycle. This lifecycle of activities to detect events, make sense of them, and determine the appropriate control action, is coordinated by the Event Management process.

How Will Event Management Benefit My Business?

Minimise Downtime

  • Early event detection means problems can be actioned before any disruptions to service occu

Improve Service

  • By effectively managing events, your IT systems are more efficient, improving overall service.

Reduce Costs

  • Event automation reduces the cost and resources associated with managing each event.

Maximise Performance

  • By minimising the negative impact of IT events, your systems can perform at full capacity.

More About Event Management

Event Management assists in assuring the effective monitoring and stabilisation of the ICT infrastructure, and supporting business goals and objectives through the successful management of stable Service Operations. Event Management enables the automation of IT events in a structured and logical fashion, which improves efficiency and the user experience of IT services.

Our Event Management products are available across different service levels, enabling you to choose what is best for your business.

Our Bronze Service offers basic resource event management. This includes basic monthly event management reporting across the end-to-end event lifecycle, in a low complexity environment and assurance that the full event lifecycle occurs effectively and efficiently.

Our Silver Service package includes all the offerings of the Bronze Service, as well as proactive impact analysis, preventative risk assessment, monitoring system thresholds and identifying areas of improvement.

Our Gold Service includes all the offerings from the Bronze and Silver Services, and also includes additional services aimed at providing added value through analysis, trending, interpretation, engagement, coordination and recommendations and mitigate possible disruptions.

Aimed at big businesses who have services provided through a third party, our Platinum Serviceproduct offers complete event management, where we take full accountability for end-to-end service event management, inclusive of the services supplied by any other third-party ICT suppliers.

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We continuously perform analytics and trending on incident/event data to understand the patterns or occurrences happening within the ICT Infrastructure.


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