Configuration Management

Introduction to Configuration Management

Figuring out how all components work together in a complex IT environment can be quite a confusing task in itself– especially for those with limited experience in this field. Our Configuration Management solutions assist you in keeping track of your entire IT system and related assets, and ensure that all of your IT assets are identified, reported, and verified, in order to maintain a healthy and functional IT system.

What is Configuration Management?

A configuration item is one component (or asset) of the broader IT system, and may work in conjunction with other parts of the system. Configuration Management allows for the tracking and monitoring of these items throughout the entire IT system. Our Configuration Management offering provides a formal, centralised process, laying the foundation for all other IT processes, which in turn, enables the delivery of improved services and availability to the business.

Utilising Configuration Management means you can benefit from a high level of data accuracy, with an up-to-date representation of business support systems, in addition to the planned and current state of services and other IT components, as well as their constituent components and their attributes and relationships. Our service enables end-to-end Configuration Management governance, and ensures system health across all of your IT processes.

How Will Configuration Management Benefit My Business?

Increased Efficiency

  • The monitoring of data on the health and stability of your systems leads to more reliable service.

Cost Reduction

  • Avoid the unnecessary duplication of systems components and assets.

Risk Mitigation

  • The rapid detection and correction of improperly configured network components mitigate IT problems before they arise.

Time Saving

  • A single point of reference for all Configuration Management requirements means less time spent on the ongoing servicing of IT needs.

More About Configuration Management

We offer in-depth industry and governance experience, ensuring that your business experiences mitigated risks, assessment and improvement of processes, and the development of systems to get the most of your ICT investment with minimal disruption. We effectively manage multi third-party vendors across the Configuration Management lifecycle, offering reporting transparency, risk mitigation, high levels of data accuracy and peace-of-mind benefits. Our service enables the delivery of agreed service levels and warranties, adherence to standards, and legal and regulatory obligations.

Configuration Management also improves Problem Management, and reduces risk by enabling impact assessments on changes, as well as providing system-health reporting across multiple aspects of your IT systems. Configuration Management essentially allows for a much improved, stable, and mature operational infrastructure environment.

Our Configuration Management Model is flexible and structured according to the needs of your business. Our certified personnel, skills and expertise are available to manage or advise on Configuration Management processes, based on industry best practices.

Our Silver Service focuses on Asset Tracking, and provides businesses with qualified Full Time Employee Asset Tracking Administration staff, who hold responsibility for Asset Tracking Administration while working within your company’s IT infrastructure environment, in order to meet your Service Management objectives.

Our Gold Service is based specifically in Configuration Management, and provides a qualified Full Time Employee Configuration Management Coordinator. The primary goal of the Configuration Management process is to ensure that standard methods and procedures are used for the efficient and prompt handling of high levels of data accuracy, system health compliance, and to ensure all changes are updated in order to minimise the impact of the change related Incidents upon service quality. This level of service is great for businesses who have contracted a Configuration Management service from us, and need a Single Point of Responsibility to manage service delivery.

Our Platinum Service is based in providing Consultancy services in the field of Business Configuration Management. This offering is aimed primarily at businesses who use a number of our service products, in addition to services offered by 3rd party providers. This product provides a qualified Full Time Employee Configuration Management Coordinator and Business Consultant for Configuration Management, across all services and providers.

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Expert in-house service for end-to-end IT systems requirements


Access to global best practices in the sphere of Configuration Management and IT


State-of-the-art systems technology to support and monitor your IT needs


Flexible, scalable Configuration Management solutions to fit your business requirements

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