Change Management

Introduction to Change Management

Change isn’t always easy, but our Change Management solutions will ensure any shifts in your business environment and IT needs can be implemented smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. Think of it as a way to minimise risk in your business while implementing IT changes.

What is Change Management?

Change Management ensures that standard processes and methods are used whenever changes are necessary to your IT systems. Since reliable IT capabilities are crucial in today’s business environment, a large part of change management involves responding to rapid changes while maintaining a reliable and functional IT system.

Our Change Management solutions offer you a centralised approach to any IT approval, scheduling, and control activities during a period of change. This ensures that the entire process will be taken care of from beginning to end, and governed based on formal systems, leading to a cohesive and functional ICT technology and service supplier plan.

Because we’re so invested in ensuring sound practices in the field of IT, we have a huge of amount of experience in developing comprehensive strategies to handle rapid changes in IT infrastructure. Organisations can benefit from our in-depth industry and governance experience, risk mitigation strategies, and continuous assessment and improvement of processes to maximise their ICT investment whilst minimising service disruptions.

How Will Change Management Benefit My Business?

Minimise Downtime

  • Automated change management practices ensure little to no disruption to your current processes.

Increase Productivity

  • Spend less time dealing with unexpected IT problems arising from change, as processes dictate appropriate responses.

Save Money

  • A thorough assessment of the costs associated with implementing changes minimises unnecessary expenditure.

Improve Service

  • The consistent functionality of your IT systems throughout periods of change allow you deliver consistent service.

More About Change Management

Our Change Management solutions provide businesses with a customisable framework of best practices to achieve quality service and overcome difficulties associated with the growth of IT systems. We use a common-sense approach to service management — a common set of practices that unite all areas of IT towards a common goal — delivering value to the business and its clients.

Our Change module offers a comprehensive automated and systems-driven Change Management process for both infrastructure and application. The respective change plans are populated with the specific tasks and associated durations.

Our Change Management Policy governs rules and principles, for example, the changing of target dates for project activities. The approvers are pre-defined and loaded onto the system to receive systems generated notifications of activities to be approved. The simplified approval process is user-friendly, although governed by the Change Management Policies built in to the system for security purposes. The implementation of our automated Change Management process will require minimal effort and customisation.

With a range of different options, you have the freedom to choose the best product for your business. Our Lite Level service offering provides organisations who already have a process in place with full time employees dedicated to ensuring smooth Change Management administration and delivery based on pre-existing processes.

Our Bronze Level offers a formal process for the management of the addition, modification or removal of approved and supported IT changes. This level of service is aimed at customers who have contracted one or more of our Managed Services, and require these to be managed according best practice, thus minimising potential production impact.

Our Silver Level offering is similar to the Bronze Level, but is aimed specifically at customers who have contracted a Change Management service from us, and who need a Single Point of Responsibility on the operational delivery of multiple BCX contracted services.

The Gold Level Change Management product applies to customers who require Change Management to integrate with a third party or client’s Change Management process, and require tools for the managed delivery of other contracted services. The relationship on this level of service is structured according to the agreed integrated Change Management processes, procedures, reports and work instructions.

Finally, our Platinum Level offering is aimed customers who have contracted multiple services from us, as well as multiple other third- party providers, and require an end-to- end Single Point of Responsibility for the Change Management of these services. We provide direct input into the strategic measures required to maintain alignment of your ICT services with that of your strategic business objectives.

Why Choose BCX?


Having invested over R9 million in ITIL training and certification, our current 4.25 ITIL v3 rating is the highest in South Africa.


Our skilled and certified personnel are able to advise on Change Management processes according to industry best practices.


Flexible models enable us to manage change within businesses of various sizes and different complexities


With extensive experience within the ICT sector, we can effectively manage all aspects of change within your organisation.

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