Availability Management

Introduction to Availability Management

Online availability is crucial in any business environment and Availability Management ensures that your staff and your clients will have uninterrupted access to all the necessary IT assets that they require at any point. It is a way of establishing that your business is always able to provide swift and efficient service, even during periods of growth and expansion.

What is Availability Management?

As a business owner, one of the most important things to be concerned with is your online availability. Availability Management allows you to consistently meet the needs of your client base, through analysis and improvement of your IT infrastructure. The key objectives of our Availability Management processes are to ensure that your business has an up-to-date and consistently maintained Availability Plan that reflects both the present, and future, needs of your business and client base. We will assist in diagnosing any availability issues you may be facing, and resolve any problems in a swift and cost effective fashion.

Since our Availability Management plan offers a single point of focus and management for all availability-related issues, relating to both services and resources, we ensure that it is easy to measure your targets, and achieve your availability goals.

How Will Availability Management Benefit My Business?

Cost Reduction

  • Reduce the costs associated with overtime due to IT services being unavailable.

Time Management

  • Automated processes reduce the time taken to complete critical IT tasks and analyses.

Service Improvement

  • Reduce service unavailability and third-party service failures.

More About Availability Management

Our Availability Management plan ensures that all IT functions are based in the same system, which in turn means that all processes and procedures are standardised and simple. Additionally, the tools developed in the Availability Management plan allow you to monitor the necessary components of your business, and ensure that any data collected is usable and useful.

Our Availability Management plan greatly benefits business efficiency, as it enables you to monitor all of your business dealings, including relationships with suppliers. Through our Availability Management system, you can ensure that all suppliers are meeting the agreed levels of service.

The purpose of Availability Management is to ensure that the level of service availability for all services matches or exceeds the current and future agreed needs of the business in a cost effective manner. The availability management process takes into consideration the design and maturity of the infrastructure to determine whether it will support the business availability and recoverability requirements.

Our Availability Management products are offered across various levels, enabling you to select which is best for your business. Our Bronze Service offers basic resource availability management. This includes monitoring for availability on a component level, with basic monthly availability reporting on the individual components.

Our Silver Service package includes all the offerings of the Bronze Service, as well as proactive impact analysis, preventative risk assessment and Annual Availability plans to enable your business to plan for future growth.

Our Gold Service includes all the offerings from the Bronze and Silver Services, and also includes additional services aimed at providing added value to your business by supporting and enabling your business processes and outputs.

Why Choose BCX?


We provide sustomisable and scalable Availability Management solutions, with integrated end-to-end services.


Operational excellence with highly-specialised expertise, experience and brainpower to incorporate best practice.


We are the leading providers of IT Services Management on the African continent, with over 30 years of experience behind us.


We utilise reliable, state-of- the-art technology to support our business needs.

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