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The SIS business key skillsets are honed within the following disciplines:

Integration Design The key focus areas of Integration Design are:

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  • We provide a holistic Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) service as part of the larger Integration Design Service offering, with the following benefits:

  • The Delivery of SOA is primarily driven by ZapThink principles

  • SOA can help businesses respond more quickly and more cost-effectively to changing market conditions, so that services can be delivered quickly and independently from the larger, more slower-moving projects that can be quite common in large organisations
  • Alternate styles are referenced when dealing with specific Archetypes (e.g.: The Open Group Architecture)
  • TOGAF Framework (The Open Group Architecture Framework), which provides the methods and tools for assisting with the acceptance, production, use, and maintenance of an enterprise architecture. It is based on an iterative process model supported by best practices, and a re-usable set of existing architecture assets.

Integration Architecture

With EI principles in your business, you can maintain information consistency across multiple systems. Our service is technology neutral, and, because our services are vendor-independent, you will never be locked into a specific product or product suite – “anything talks to everything”. This has the following benefits for your business:

  • The delivery of EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) is composed of a collection of technologies and services which form a middleware – this enables the integration of systems and applications across the enterprise
  • It is primarily driven along the proven ZapThink and TOGAF principles
  • EAI decreases coupling between systems, which, in turn, decreases management overhead and costs

Continuous Improvement and Agile Integration

This step in our SIS offers the following benefits for your organisation:

  • We ensure that multiple projects delivering or extending a set of functionality are managed effectively without impacting other branches, through the use of a version control tool
  • We ensure that once code is approved it is made ready within minutes, through the use of an automated build and deployment tool
  • We ensure that code that is deployed actually works according to the defined specification through the automated execution of test case scripts (adhering to XUnit frameworks)
  • We enable teams to identify problems in their early stages, ensuring better and faster solutions, through automated error and bug reporting
  • We increase the speed of delivery, through easy access to code and builds, and informative bug reports

Integration Governance

This is an important aspect of Integration. Our experience in many industries means we have deep insight into integration, and we know both what works practically, and what adheres to Integration Architecture Governance. We achieve this by running internal Joint Architectural Design (JAD) sessions, Architecture Authority (AA) and Architecture Design Review (ADR) boards. This means your business is assured that:

  • Designs meet industry and vendor best practice
  • Designs are practical and simplistic, which better enables future growth
  • Patterns are well defined
  • Standards are well documented and adhered to
  • Principles are applied to design and deliverables

Integration Implementation

SIS has a vast track-record of integration implementations across multiple organisations both in the public and private sector, utilising the toolsets from the following OEMs:

  • Oracle, including among others Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus, Oracle WebLogic Server
  • IBM, including among others IIB, DP, MQ
  • Open Source such as Mule ESB and JBoss
  • Microsoft – Biztalk
  • SAP, which includes SAP PI, SAP Hana and other Enterprise Resource Management applications

Integration Support

SIS provides 24x7x365 support for all integration environments, with customisable support packages designed to provide you with maximum productivity and stability within your Integration Production environment.

Our support services cover the following areas:

  • Deployment and Releases
  • Operations Support
  • Support Management Activities
  • Reporting and Documentation
  • Maintenance

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