Introduction to SharePoint

At BCX, our Enterprise Information Management Services portfolio includes SharePoint and OpenText, as well as other business process automation tools. These tools allow us to develop, implement and host solutions for integrated content management, information management and business process automation for you, whether you are a small, medium or large company, or even a global organisation.

What is SharePoint?

When you partner with BCX to implement SharePoint, your company will be able to identify, catalogue, store, and seamlessly share information, both to business processes and to your colleagues. Our partners include industry leaders in the mining, retail, financial services, and petrochemical sectors.

SharePoint is the gold standard in Enterprise Information Management Services, because it can handle complex collaboration and is also very flexible. You can mix-and-match options and components from Enterprise Search, Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, Records Management, Archiving, Intranet/Extranet and File Sharing, and even incorporate your website content management system and publishing into SharePoint.

When you choose BCX to host your system on the cloud, you access SharePoint Enterprise Edition, which offers the best of SharePoint features and functionality, and still fully customise it to your needs, as if were on your own servers.

How Will SharePoint Benefit My Business?


  • Find information quickly and easily, all in one place
  • Keep only necessary documents
  • Manage records in a centralised location
  • Reduce printing costs

Improved Communications

  • Enable colleagues to collaborate and communicate
  • Raise productivity levels
  • Comply with regulatory, legal and quality requirements
  • Maintain standards for cataloguing and storing documents


  • Secure documents through controlled user access
  • Leverage the benefits of automatic disaster recovery using cloud hosted SharePoint solutions
  • Store and safeguard your intellectual property
  • Optimise your governance procedures for documentation


  • Enable the automation of business processes
  • Implement automated workflows
  • Ensure consistency in document management
  • Optimise the repeatability of business processes

Why Choose BCX?


BCX is a leading provider of Information


We offer hassle-free cloud hosting options


We have a long-standing partnership with Microsoft in the provision of SharePoint

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