Mobile Application Development

Introduction to Mobile Application Development

At BCX we use Mobile Application Development to enable you to unlock the value of your processes and information, for both colleagues and customers. We use the power of Cloud Computing and mobile devices, integrating mobile applications with your existing systems and processes, to allow everyone to work on your systems from anywhere, at anytime. The beauty of mobile applications is that they can benefit small and medium businesses as much as large corporates and global organisations

What is Mobile Application Development?

Today’s trend, especially with consumer-facing companies, is towards mobile websites and customised mobile applications. This is not just a passing fad, as research has shown that mobile search is becoming the new standard around the world. It is likely that your mobile website or application may generate even more results than your desktop website, but it does need a different approach to development.

At BCX, we help you formulate and execute your mobile strategy, to keep up with these imperatives, and guide you through the journey to a fully mobile-integrated business. Your mobile apps will be an extension of your brand, so we create apps that enhance your marketing strategy and engage your users.

We not only develop customer-facing mobile websites and applications, but have worked extensively building customised applications for our partners to use in-house. These help with such diverse business processes as data entry, origination, business intelligence, process interaction and reducing print costs. We can use any device platforms, from Java to .Net to Objective-C, and have deployed mobile apps in many industries, from ‘on-tarmac’ devices recording flight information, to mining solutions catering for high humidity and dust.

Throughout the life of a project, our team follows a quality plan. We use tracking tools to monitor defects, and we work with you, our partners, through a user acceptance testing process, to ensure that our mobile solutions meet your needs.

How Will Mobile Application Development Benefit My Business?

Integrate Your Existing Systems

  • Colleagues can work from anywhere
  • Enable full access to infrastructure
  • Optimise app solutions your customers can use

Easy To Use Apps

  • Develop apps that can be used on any mobile platform –smartphone or tablet; Windows, Android or Apple iOS
  • Optimise apps that can be used offline
  • Develop apps that offer a friendly intuitive user experience

Customised Design and Branding

  • Customise apps to your company’s own look and feel
  • Brand your apps to ensure consistent customer experiences
  • Equip customers and colleagues to use apps on their device of choice

Cost Efficiencies

  • Adapt app development to suit your budget
  • Optimise the revenue-generating opportunities that apps can offer
  • Expand functionality as and when your needs change

More About Mobile Application Development

Our BCX Mobile Application Development solution is an end-to-end service that takes you through the entire development process:

  • Mobile Data Entry Origination
  • Mobile Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Business Process Interaction
  • Mobile Document Publishing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Design and Mobile Development for mobile website browsing
  • Mobile Development
  • Mobile Website Shopping Carts
  • Mobile Design Applications
  • Mobile Website Competitions
  • Advanced Mobile Website platforms

Why Choose BCX?


BCX Mobile Application Development has provided many mobile application solutions across a range of different industries


We have extensive experience in building applications that can be used both in-house and by your customers


We go beyond just developing an app and also guide you to leverage apps as part of an integrated marketing strategy


We have the skill and knowledge to develop apps for all mobile platforms and operating systems

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