Application Portfolio Management

Introduction to Application Portfolio Management

Over time, any enterprise accumulates a portfolio of applications, which requires significant resources to manage and maintain. When you partner with BCX to implement an Application Portfolio Management (APM) project, we analyse all your software applications and software-based services from a number of perspectives, and arrive at a cost versus benefit equation, which then enables you to understand which applications justify the investments you have made.

What is Application Portfolio Management

The first step in Application Portfolio Management is to create an inventory of your software applications, and supply metrics to illustrate the business benefits of each application. Then you are able to eliminate software applications and software-based services that are underperforming, which frees up budget to invest in new applications. In the long term, this reduces costs, while still keeping your critical business functions efficient. The BCX service includes constant interaction with your organisation, and continuous evaluation over time, to keep the APM process sustainable.

Application Portfolio Management consists of application assessment, application licensing and volume licensing, application analysis and application costing.

How Will Application Portfolio Management Benefit My Business?

Cost savings

  • Remove applications that are costing your business money and using valuable resources
  • Free up budget to invest in new solutions
  • Leverage savings through volume licensing

Software expertise

  • Leverage our experts in software and software services
  • Understand exactly how much each application costs and what the value is to your business


  • Benefit from continuous evaluation to make your systems agile

Why Choose BCX?


BCX has longstanding partnerships with globally recognised software vendors


We have a deep knowledge of the cost structure of applications


We apply international best practice when assessing your application portfolio

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