Application Modernisation

Introduction to Application Modernisation?

At BCX, our Application Modernisation services help you migrate older, outdated, legacy software systems and applications – so that you can integrate new functionality to improve overall processes and efficiencies. Application Modernisation often takes place over the course of a few years, and is recommended for organisations that have large investments in legacy applications.

What is Application Modernisation

When we set out to modernise a software system or platform critical to your organisation’s functioning, we reduce the risk of failure by doing so one step at a time. Everything remains fully functional whilst we replace legacy systems over time, until the system is completely modernised.

The services we offer in Application Modernisation include re-platforming, re-hosting, re-coding, re-architecting, re-engineering, interoperability, replacement and retirement. 

How Will Application Modernisation Benefit My Business?

Cost savings

  • Reduce hardware costs
  • Save on software costs
  • Minimise maintenance requirements

IT Transformation

  • Update your infrastructure and applications to follow the latest IT trends
  • Tap in to the power of the cloud
  • Introduce tools such as virtualisation, mobility, and social media into your organisation
  • Leverage the information that big data analytics can unlock


  • Deploy new applications quickly
  • Update applications efficiently
  • Respond rapidly to user change requests


  • Integrate your legacy applications with modern architectures to protect existing business logic, processes and intellectual prope

Why Choose BCX?


BCX has a proven track record of successfully implementing application modernisation programmes


We are experts in software applications and software services, and have longstanding relationships with internationally recognised software vendors


We partner with organisations across both the public and private sectors to fulfil Information and Communications (ICT) needs


We offer the best prices for global standard services and products

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