Application Maintenance and Support

Introduction to Application Maintenance and Support

At BCX, we offer an Application Maintenance and Support service so that you have end-to-end application lifecycle management. This helps you ensure your business applications are managed and operated seamlessly, with secure, high performance platforms. This service maintains and supports your core business functions, so that you can deliver customer service, reduce risk, and predict your application costs.

What is Application Maintenance and Support?

The Application Maintenance and Support service from BCX maintains your current application portfolio, applying updates, patches, and security fixes, in order to sustain security and quality. We guarantee the availability of suitably skilled BCX application experts, who conform to your defined levels of service delivery and availability.

Our typical service includes a combination of application monitoring, application performance dashboards, application maintenance methods, and application support services. These are achieved through proactive monitoring, root-cause analysis, preventative maintenance, service continuity, and continuous improvement in the stability and availability of your applications.

How Will Application Maintenance and Support Benefit My Business?

Support Core Business Functions

  • Monitor applications proactively
  • Update, upgrade and maintain applications
  • Secure a stable application environment

Cost Efficient

  • Effect cost savings while maintaining business performance
  • Undertake preventative maintenance to control unnecessary expenses

Why BCX Application Maintenance and Support?


BCX has a proven track record in Application Maintenance and Support throughout the public and private sectors


We take your bottom line very seriously, and offer a cost effective, yet specialised service


Outsourcing Application Maintenance and Support to BCX skilled resources helps you to leverage economies of scale

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