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Why BCX?

The future of healthcare may lie in concepts that until recently were confined to the realms of science fiction – wearable tech, iridology, crowdsourcing, and remote diagnosis. However, irrespective of these advancements, competition in the private healthcare sector comes down to which hospital or clinic has the most comprehensive all round patient care – the best facilities, specialists, pathologists, radiologists, pharmacies, and staff, and their “tools of the trade”. The challenge in South Africa, alongside all of this, is to reduce the costs of private care, which, in turn, would reduce the burden placed on the public healthcare system.

At BCX, we can advise you on how to create a customised Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure for electronic health records that extends across all practices in a healthcare facility, and beyond to medical aids and healthcare insurers. It is an investment that helps to give patients an integrated, seamless experience.

Think of having a single digital record available to everyone – in the cloud or on your network – that accompanies your patient through his or her healthcare journey, from casualty and admission, through theatre and recovery, even reaching the patient once they are back at home.

We can work with you to create digital platforms where professionals can share educational information and collaborate on research, to create a Telemedicine system so patients can be treated remotely, to store and archive patient records centrally, and, through our mobile capabilities, to quickly send information out to them in a simple and cost effective manner.

BCX Solutions for Private Sector Healthcare Organisations

Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Planning

Systems Integration

Internet Connectivity and Cloud Computing

Managed Services and Application Management

Enterprise Mobility and Unified Communications and Collaboration

Big Data Analytics

Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine

Healthcare in a Digitalised Future

Find out what Millennials, born 1980 to 2000, and Generation Y children, born after 2000, expect from healthcare providers in the future, and why digitalisation is critical for organisation.

ICT Challenges and Opportunities in the South African Healthcare Industry


An insightful exploration into the status of healthcare in South Africa, plans for the future, and challenges faced by healthcare providers in both government and the private sector. We explore how Information and Communications Technology (ICT) can solve some of the challenges, and why partnering with BCX and the Telkom Group makes business sense.

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