Why BCX?

Our 35 year track record in the manufacturing sector means that when you partner with BCX on your digitalisation journey, you access Africa’s only end-to-end digital solutions provider. At BCX, we are standing by to provide your manufacturing business with tailor-made solutions that will renovate and streamline not only your industrial processes, but your business systems as well. Take your business to the next level of innovation with virtual systems that track and monitor physical processes.

Today your business cannot afford to ignore the Fourth Industrial Revolution trend, known as Industry 4.0. It is all about smart factories, robotics, automation , data analytics, and tapping into the power of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). At BCX we offer you not only this cutting-edge innovation, but also reliability.xchange, and tapping into the power of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). At BCX we offer you not only this cutting-edge innovation, but also reliability, through our Tier IV data centre.

Our partners include manufacturers of steel, beverages, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and building materials, so we have a broad, yet deep, understanding of the manufacturing sector and the Information and Communicationssolutions (ICT) that you need. We are able to leverage our strong relationships with world-class suppliers to provide you with the systems most suited to your company’s specific needs – from end user computing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and a host of infrastructure services, to industrial solutions, consulting, solution design, support, maintenance and project management. We have trained ICT field engineers available across Africa to support our services and systems.

BCX Solutions for Manufacturers

Business Applications Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Cloud Computing

On-Site Project Management

Infrastructure, Convergence, Mobility, and Network Services

Industrial Solutions (Operational Technologies)

Voice and PABX Solutions

Service Desk and End User Management Solutions

Payroll, Time and Attendance, Document Management and Managed Print Services

Manufacturing in a Digitilised Future

Manufacturing is undoubtedly being transformed globally by the new age of digitalisation and the emergence of a demanding new generation of end user/consumer: Millennials (born 1980–2000) and Generation Y(born 2000 onwards).

Manufacturing Industry Insights



Learn more about what is being called “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” – the challenges and opportunities it presents to manufacturing organisations, and the benefits you can reap by embracing digitalisation and creating smart factories.

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