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Why BCX?

At BCX, we know our Banking, Insurance, Financial Logistics and Financial Enablement partners need simple and cost effective Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions. As a financial sector player, you need your systems to be online 24/7 everywhere in the country, even globally. We know how much you value security, and that your systems need to be flexible enough to meet the needs of even your smallest department or customer. We are also uniquely positioned to help you overcome the challenges posed by inflexible middleware systems and legacy platforms.

Many Financial Services providers are turning to Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) and Mobility to transform how they operate and service their customers. Using real-time and non-real-time Unified Communication and Collaboration tools – including messaging, presence, telephony, and conferencing – positively influences how they operate. Implementing UCC has yielded increased colleague productivity and collaboration, improved workforce agility, reduced operational costs, and improved decision making. The result is increased customer and colleague satisfaction, and improved revenues and profitability.

The “digital age of work” is enabled by Mobility. Integrating mobile into communication services, and leveraging social media interaction are critical for businesses today. At BCX, we have a suite of compelling products and services for Financial Sector players which address these challenges.

Innovation and changes in the way banking and insurance players do business are moving faster than in any other sector. Disruptors like fintech companies, telcos, and the likes of Google and Facebook, are making strong competition in this sector a daily reality. Customers have also become discerning, and nowadays expect more from their bank than a simple bank account or credit facility: totally diverse products, complete agility, and faster services. Customers expect to be able leverage the omnichannel nature of your business, so they want to use branches, automatic teller machines (ATMs), call centres, and online applications – whether mobile or desktop – conveniently and seamlessly. We help you to meet these expectations by holding your hand through the digitalisation journey, so that your business can create innovative, customised solutions that are fully integrated, to keep costs down.

At BCX, we also understand that you need to offer your customers the efficiency of real time transactions, and the highest level of security, despite the massive volumes of transactions you process. With online and mobile banking fast becoming the norm, cybercrime is also on the increase, so we make our BCX data centre, the most secure on the continent, available to you. This also means you have access to the best Big Data Analytics solutions provided by world-class suppliers.

BCX Solutions for the Financial Services Sector

Infrastructure Enhancement and Outsource Support Services

Application Design, Development, Integration, Modernisation and Support

Specialised Incident, Change and Communication Support Services

Unified Communications, Converged Connectivity, Collaboration and Mobility Solutions

Network and Security Support

Call Centre and Service Desk

ISO Consultancy Services

Hardware and Software

Technology in Financial Services



Banking in a Digitalised Future

Find out what your future customers are going to expect from the banking, investment and insurance industry.

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Technology in Financial Services:

Considerations and Trends for the Banking and Insurance Sectors


Learn more about the trends, challenges and opportunities facing the Financial Services sector, and how the Telkom Group, with BCX, is the perfect partner for your digitalisation journey. We understand your business imperatives and can tailor integrated solutions across all departments of your organisation.

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