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The priority to automate and the capability to automate have met, and organisations can now reap the benefits of an automation-enabled transformation. Organisations can start using RPA to leap into other digital enablers. Whilst the starting point is process standardisation and optimisation, the end result could be Cognitive Analytics and Machine Learning. BCX Exa has an extensive automation offering to assist with the digitalisation of your business. As part of the engagement, BCX conducts opportunity assessments to build a targeted portfolio of processes that yield high value in return.

RPA Offerings

  • Automation Development and deployment: When good process candidates are identified, BCX will commission RPA developers to create and test required automations for deployment into a production environment.
  • Robotic Maintenance: Following a bot being placed into a post-live production state, a client may require periodic updates to the design of the process a bot may be executing. A client may enter into a maintenance contract with BCX to have set allocation of hours per month for Bot Maintenance.
  • Co-Created RPA CoE: Together, we work with our clients to build a tailored RPA Centre of Excellence in their environments. BCX will involve critical RPA SMEs to guide the strategy and implementation. Key members of the clients’ staff will be involved in the creation and learning.

Automation Assessments

A high-level automation assessment is recommended so that experts can evaluate specific use cases and business practices as part of the process analysis and optimisation phase. A robotic process automation assessment can help businesses recognise potential improvements to ROI, identify workflow efficiencies, and create robust long-term business practices.

Chatbot Enablement

BCX Chatbot services range from anything functional to fun i.e. Conversations with a chatbot as you would converse with one of your friends over a chat platform like WhatsApp addressing queries or anything that you would normally have asked a support person to help with. Chatbots could exist on any major chatbot platform, and also custom developed for a website, mobile app etc. Chatbots help business’s save time, reduce cost, provide a better customer experience, improve customer satisfaction and cut down on human errors. For instance, when used on your website they can provide fast, automated answers to most questions.

Robotic Process Automation

Intelligent design meets logical IA development
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Chatbot Development

Real-speak conversational functionality
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Digital Platform Solutions

Real-speak conversational functionality
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