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Leverage Data Analytics
for Agile Innovations

Business has become a data game. The insights that come from your data, and decisions garnered from those insights are invaluable when developing future planning and projections from a product, service and solutioning perspective. The first step in leveraging data is to ensure that it is stored, managed and filed in a way that makes it easy to extract and analyse. That is where the BCX Exa data analytics team comes in. We start by identifying how your data is currently stored, managed and extracted, and get to work on developing sustainable data filing protocols that make future extraction and analysis (across multiple vectors) a simple task.

Finding the golden thread

Companywide data can run across many vectors and contain microcosms of important information. We lead by need, identifying data in order of need and significance. Based on that information, along with your unique system insights, our team develops programs and dashboards to compile and store that data in multiple formats to match the bespoke data requirements of your company.

The beauty in the numbers

With the right systems in place, our team can develop reporting tools that cross-reference multiple data points across your operations to create full-spectrum analytics for informed decision making. Our team can also build predictive programs that use the data to develop models for future planning. With these tools, you can begin to build a 360-degree perspective of where your operations have been, where they are right now, and where you need them to go moving forward.

Business Intelligence

Applying insights and data for best-practice ways of working.
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Data Platform Managed Services

Identifying, tracking and storing across secure cloud platforms.
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