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BCX Disrupt Summit

Change the way you think and get your business ready for tomorrow’s customers

In today’s world, the mobile phone intrudes on every millisecond of life. And gaming is the new sport.

But what if we changed the way we think about these things?

What if we thought of gaming not as a distraction, but as a tool? A tool that can help people heal.

What if the mobile phone could create an Africa-wide education revolution, by delivering bite-sized learning in the palm of a hand.

This is disruption, it is about affecting transformation by challenging the traditional ways in which things are done through exploration, discovery and learning.

For the first time in history BCX and BrainFarm brings South Africans the BCXDisrupt Summit where you’ll meet a new breed of insurgents who are changing the way we think – to meet a world that’s unlike any we’ve known.

These disruptors will immerse your mind in new possibilities by exploring questions like:

  • If you had 2.6 million collaborators, what could you build?
  • How do you tap into the untapped – the gamers, hackers and start-up founders who represent the most creative, cooperative and future-ready networks on the planet?
  • How do you turn new ideas and innovation into profit?

Get ready to discover new potential directions or wake up to possibilities that have been lying in wait all along. What’s certain is, you’ll never think the same again.

Book Now

The BCXDisrupt Summit takes place on 16 and 17 November at the Kyalami International Convention Centre.

Ticket prices are R8 200 (general admission), R16 400 (VIP), R18 300 (Premium), R26 400 (Premium VIP), and R12 200 (second day Masterclass).

To book and for more information go to

Event Details

Day One | 16 November:

The Disruptors Speak

  • Malcolm Gladwell, the journalist and author who has written five books, all of them on The New York Times Best Seller List – his prescription for disruption is to constantly revise our conclusions based on his very popular podcast series "Revisionist History”.

  • Nick Goldman, the mathematician and genome scientist whose miniscule DNA data storage miracle could be the answer to the 2.5 exabytes of data the world is producing daily.

  • Mariéme Jamme, the tech entrepreneur and activist who fearlessly helps businesses get a foothold in unfamiliar territories and is driving a gargantuan goal of empowering one million female coders by the year 2030.

  • Sipho Maseko, the CEO of Telkom, who’s helped Telkom become the JSE’s biggest star and is driving a mission to get businesses across Africa ready for tomorrow’s customers.

  • Jane McGonigal, the game researcher and developer who designs alternate reality games like SuperBetter – more than a game, it helps people deal with depression and pain.

  • Rapelang Rabana, the technology entrepreneur sparking a palm-sized education revolution with the vision that the rising online community across Africa will drive mobile technologies in order to feed the need for knowledge and learning, not just entertainment.

  • Lars Silberbauer, the social media and video whiz who took LEGO from zero Facebook fans to over 12 million, plus three million on YouTube, which has just hit five billion lifetime views.

  •, the Grammy-award winning artist, creative innovator, entrepreneur and tech investor.

Get into discussions with Malcolm Gladwell, Rapelang Rabana, Ian Russell and about the future.

How do they see the future? How will they change the way you think about where you thought you were going?

With insights from these great disruptors, you’ll never think the same again.

Day Two | 17 November:

Revising Conclusions with Malcolm Gladwell

Have you ever thought that some of things you’ve long-ago accepted as true could be holding you back from undiscovered potential and possibilities?

Are there ideas and opportunities lying in wait, just by changing your assumptions?

This Masterclass with Malcolm Gladwell can open up new perspectives on the world you thought you knew.