Digitalise Your Future

What is Digitalisation?

Digitalisation is a social and business phenomenon, which is powered by the many incredible technologies that we have at our disposal today.

How you adopt and incorporate these technologies is the essence of digitalisation – it enables you to seamlessly weave together processes, systems, customers, partners and employees and become the ultimate connected business.

Digitalisation delivers many benefits to both consumers and companies, and significantly improves the way in which companies understand and engage with their customers. In addition to improving service delivery, the adoption of a digital business model also allows businesses to reduce costs and increase profits, improve productivity by streamlining processes, and remain ready for the ever-approaching future.

As Africa’s premier end-to-end digital solutions partner, BCX can help you prepare for the future by providing both the technology and expertise to take your business forward.

How Can Digitalisation Benefit My Business?

The main purpose of digitalisation is to equip your business with the necessary tools so that you become the disruptor, rather than the disrupted and are fully equipped to meet the needs of your future customers. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect your current customers or confuse your employees with an immediate and complete overhaul of your IT and business systems and processes.

To make your transition from an analogue approach to customers, products, services and operating models to a real-time approach, we recommend the adoption of a bi-modal business model. This will enable you to utilise your legacy systems to render business as usual, while we build and systematically incorporate new technologies that will herald the new, more efficient, way of working. By combining the old and new business models during the transitional period, your business remains fully operational without any disruptions to internal or external stakeholders.

Are You Ready for the Future?

How do you know if your business is ready for the future?

The first step on your journey of digitalisation is to complete a Digital Readiness Assessment (DRA), facilitated by our team of experts. A DRA assesses your business’ readiness to engage in digital business by examining several internal and external factors, such as your level of customer engagement, your staff, partners, suppliers and key business processes, as well as your current IT systems and infrastructure.

With its goal of helping you gain a better understanding of the digital capabilities your business requires to successfully make the transition to an optimised digital business model, the DRA will benefit any business that is ready to start shaping and driving its digital strategy.

Following a series of detailed surveys and a workshop to identify technology focus areas, we will work with you to develop a roadmap for the implementation of the digital technologies you need to best serve your customers of today, and tomorrow.

What can Digitalisation do for my Business?


Reduce Costs

Limited expenditure on ICT resources allow you to invest more in your core business functions.


Mobilise Your Workforce

Mobile business solutions enable greater flexibility for employees and facilitate direct, real-time communication with clients.


Increase Productivity

Improved people management systems provide significant support to staff in achieving your main business objectives.


Enhance Customer Service

Streamlined digital communication channels allow you to attract and retain customers through service excellence.

Digital Solutions for Forward-thinking Businesses

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows for remote online hosting, data management and transfers.

UC and Collaboration

Employ complementary ICT solutions to benefit your business.

Mobility Solutions

Enjoy greater flexibility with a mobile workforce that can connect from anywhere on earth.

Converged Connectivity

Connect to your internal network from anywhere in the world.


State-of-the-art security systems and encryption software facilitate the safe and secure storage of information online.

Internet of Things

A network of interconnected devices assist in collecting and managing data.


Machine to machine connection means seamless connectivity across multiple devices.

Big Data Analytics

Huge repositories of information create the opportunity for greater business growth and targeted, client-based marketing.

Digitalisation in Your Industry

Public Sector

ICT solutions enable governments to connect with their constituencies, and allow communities to engage around issues of development and growth.

Mining Solutions

Using ICT to create and enhance automated systems means increased productivity and greater cost reduction.

Education Solutions

Digitalisation enables comprehensive data-management systems, improved record-keeping, and real-time tracking of student progress.

Financial Services

Seamless efficiency enhances mobile banking practices and other essential aspects of financial services provision.

Healthcare Solutions

ICT can create infrastructure that connects information seamlessly within seconds, leading to faster lifesaving interventions.


Retail Solutions

New innovations in technology are heralding changes in the way people shop. ICT solutions can bring your products to even more consumers.

Manufacturing Solutions

Cyber-physical systems automation, data exchange and cloud computing are shaping the smart industry technology trend, known as Industry 4.0.

The Impact of Digitalisation on Business in South Africa

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Digital Solutions for Forward-thinking Businesses

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Why Choose BCX?


Unmatched Data Centre and Network Infrastructure

Telkom’s footprint includes 3 Tier 4 data centres, 147 000 kms of fibre and over 2700 mobile sites integrated throughout South Africa.


Unrivalled ICT Solutions Set

Proven ICT capabilities, with market leadership positions on both IT and Telecommunication services.


Industry-Vertical Leadership

Market leader in Retail, Mining & Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services (Gartner). Also key solutions provider for the Public Sector.


Leader in Service Excellence

Leading IT Service Management with an ITIL maturity rating of 4.25 – The highest on the African continent (Pink Elephant: 2014).


Unparalleled Geographical Reach

Extensive geographical reach with trained IT field engineers in multiple locations across Africa.


Strategic Vendor Relationships

Strong relationships with key technology vendors to ensure best technology solutions.

Digital Solutions for Forward-thinking Businesses

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