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Why BCX?

At BCX, we have years of experience partnering with businesses across the entire spectrum of the South African and African economies. This means that when we partner with your commercial enterprise, we quickly identify your needs, and we are able to offer you an end-to-end, cost effective, scalable, and tailor-made solution for your Information and Communication Technology (ICT) requirements. This extends from converged communications, broadband and Internet Service Provider (ISP) solutions, through to the Internet of Things (IoT), hardware, devices, mobile applications, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and infrastructure solutions. We also offer you a host of value added services, supporting organisations in the Commerce, Health, Technology and Hospitality industries

We already partner with well-known names in healthcare, retail and e-commerce, food manufacturing and restaurants, hospitality, motor manufacturing, and the telecommunications and technology sectors. BCX can customise a solution across all of your ICT requirements. Our one-stop shop approach means we are uniquely positioned to create and integrate all your ICT needs, and our African footprint takes into account the current trend of many South African organisations to invest in and expand across the continent. For commercial sector players, our flexible and scalable solutions guarantee you cost savings, whether you opt for a capital expenditure (CAPEX) or an operating expenditure (OPEX) financial model.

Private Sector Commerce Solutions

Converged Communications

Internet of Things and Machine to Machine (M2M)

Mobile Application Services

Hardware and Devices

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Broadband, ISP and Value Added Services (VAS)

Enterprise Mobility

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