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Secure networks for you means secure services and products for your customers.

The Cisco connection

Exploring the longstanding partnership between BCX and Cisco, allowing us to provide the very best in network security advances.

Talking about the POPI act

Security, legal and compliance considerations form a very important link in securing your information for you, and your client-base.

Mitigating Unquantifiable Risk

The Hosted Collaboration Solution uses the Corporate networks are a very attractive target and so, they must be routinely searched for possibilities of risk. The real threats lie with well-organised criminal networks attempting to steal data which they can sell, activists attempting to disrupt your operations, or even rival businesses seeking an edge through corporate espionage. This is why it is no longer enough to simply protect the edges with fire-and-forget software tools. Firewalls at the entry points of your network and anti-virus software on your computers are still important, but they are not enough on their own to secure a network properly.

Security services management

From initial evaluation of legacy systems, roadmapping, migration and installation and maintenance, we supply support every step of the way.

The security landscape

Understanding how to mitigate unquantifiable risk through systems and solutions that provide built-in mechanisms that can evolve as the risk eco-system changes.

Cisco and BCX have software solutions that are architected from a security-first perspective to mitigate the unquantifiable risk that outside factors represent.


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