About Huawei

Huawei is a global leader in ICT solutions, committed to providing a holistic set of competitive, end-to-end ICT solutions and services for telecom carriers, enterprises, and consumers. We invest heavily in the R&D of fields such as telecom carrier networks, cloud data centers, and smart devices, as well as make constant innovations driven by both customer needs and cutting-edge technologies. All of these factors have helped us to secure a leading position in the industry and become a key contributor to the industry’s development.

Our Partnership

By working closely together with BCX we are endeavouring to build an efficient and integrated digital logistics system which will enhance interconnectivity and interactivity – between people and people, people and things, and things and things – to spark infinite opportunities and potential for everyone everywhere and to move the world forward. Connectivity has become a new norm of life. When everything is connected, we will live in a better world, delivering an extraordinary user experience and creating unlimited business opportunities.

Partnership Status

BCX, as a Principal Huawei Enterprise Value added partner in Africa will Build innovative Smart solutions together with Huawei.

To cement this strategic relationship, BCX has invested heavily in skills development, certifying a number of Engineers, enabling them to deliver on this promise.

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