Code of Good Practice

The BCX Group is an Information Communication Technology (ICT) organisation. This includes any entity which is authorised to carry on business under a name which includes all or part of the BCX name, is a direct or indirect affiliate or subsidiary of BCX, or is otherwise within, associated with, or connected with an entity within BCX, including partnerships and joint ventures.

As a service provider, we assist our clients to solve complex Information Technology (IT) business problems and aim to enhance their ability to build value, manage risk, and improve performance. We take pride in the fact that our services add value by helping to improve transparency, trust, and consistency of business processes. In order to succeed, we must grow and develop, both as individuals and as a business. Our values assist us in achieving this growth.

We conduct our business within the framework of applicable professional standards, laws, and regulations together with BCX policies and standards. Our Code of Good Practice applies to all stakeholders. This Code is based on our values and is a promise to all our stakeholders that we will combine our entrepreneurial spirit with a commitment to responsible business practice.

While the Code provides a broad range of guidance about the standards of integrity and business conduct, no code can address every situation that individuals are likely to encounter. As a result, this Code is not a substitute for our responsibility and accountability to exercise good judgment and obtain guidance on proper business conduct. We are encouraged to seek additional guidance and support from those designated as responsible for business conduct matters. The strength in our organisation is the strength in our collective knowledge and the sharing of that knowledge and experience.

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