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The Leading Enabler of the Internet of Things
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The Leading Enabler of the Internet of Things

We Digitise; We Automate; We Enable Analytics and Create Connective Intelligence™

Real-time always-on personalised service delivery is the new competitive advantage, where ecosystems are optimised and value networks enabled. As the Leading Enabler of The Internet of Things, Business Connexion will navigate you on your Internet of Things journey through digitising, automating, enabling analytics and creating Connective Intelligence™

We Digitise

Smart systems and Internet of Things are driven by Sensors and Actuators; Connectivity; and People and Processes, all of which begin this journey by being digitised.

No matter what the physical environment of your business world, Business Connexion has the expertise and systems to connect and digitise your space; be it your people, processes, or physical space, the Internet of Things journey cannot begin without this important step. We have proven capabilities in the private and public sector from Retail, Mining, Petrochemical, Financial, Manufacturing, Health, Industrial, and Education; From National, Provincial and local levels of Government.

We have digitised gas pipelines across countries, digitised manufacturing plants, digitised entire billing systems, entire document digitisation, Human Resources process digitisation, IT service and product digitisation, education and the entire retail space has been digitized, to name but a few.

We Automate

Once people, processes and things have been digitised the next step in the Internet of Things journey is to automate all of these elements and get them to start interacting with each other.

Automation and the ability to interact with the environment and manipulate it whenever and wherever is the combination of a fully realised mobile world where people, process and things seamlessly work together in the same space. It is the place where even without the involvement of people the environment will continue to operate.

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