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Corporate Social Responsibility

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The vision for Business Connexion’s Corporate Social Responsibility is to be an innovative and inspirational corporate citizen on the African continent. We seek to protect and enhance the Business Connexion brand through responsible business practices that contribute to sustainable growth.

Business Connexion’s Corporate Social Responsibility mission is to empower people to improve their communities and their own lives through technology.

Today, learning is not an option for millions of young people around the continent. The absence of learning signifies a lack of investment in their potential to contribute, to lead, to be a part of a community.

Together we can reclaim a high quality standard of education by touching one school, one class and one young person at a time. We believe that technology can empower young people to not only change their lives for the better, but those of their communities as well. Technology is one of the key vehicles that can assist in unleashing human potential.

Business Connexion’s Corporate Social Responsibility letmelearn™ initiative has been developed in order to support the furthering of education through information technology. In alignment with the South African government’s goals of education for all, our CSR programmes focus on the implementation of computer laboratories. These laboratories have been placed in rural areas within South Africa, and bring technology to the door steps of those in need. Business Connexion makes use of satellite communications platforms that enable IP applications to run reliably and efficiently over satellite for areas with unreliable or no fixed line connectivity in place. These advanced technologies provide the computer laboratories, educators and students with immediate access to the Internet and thus bridging the digital divide by making critical communications possible in challenging and diverse environments.

In addition to our letmelearn™ initiative, Business Connexion has also introduced an employee volunteering programme called letmegive. The letmegive programme is an opportunity for Business Connexion employees to give either their time through volunteer work and/or give money through payroll deductions. Both these programmes are focused on the support of the chosen Business Connexion developmental organisations which include:

1. Ditikeni Investment Company Limited
2. League of Friends of the Blind
3. Sakhikamva Investments (Proprietary) Company Limited
4. Business Connexion Education Association
5. Cape Flats Development Association
6. Combined Churches in Action
7. CIE Investment Company Limited
8. Community Outreach Programme (COP) Trust
9. Freewheel Trade and Invest 36 (Proprietary) Limited ("Freewheel")
10. YWCA Dube Charitable Trust

Ditikeni Investment Company Limited:

Ditikeni Investment Company Limited is a 100% broad-based investment holding company with 19 shareholders of non-profit organisations. These non-profit organisations work in over 200 underprivileged communities throughout South Africa with over two million beneficiaries located in all nine provinces.

League of Friends of the Blind:

League of Friends of the Blind is a non-government organisation based in Cape Town. They provide a wide range of independent development services to partially sighted and blind people.

Sakhikamva Investments (Proprietary) Company Limited:

Sakhikamva Investments (Proprietary) Company Limited is a black economic empowerment investment group which has as its beneficiaries black South Africans who have been, and continue to be excluded from accessing real economic opportunities.

Business Connexion Education Association:

Business Connexion Education Association is a bursary scheme, set up for the benefit of the children of its junior level employees.

Cape Flats Development Association:

Cape Flats Development Association is a non-profit children and family organisation that provides numerous services to disadvantaged communities in the Cape Flats.

Combined Churches in Action:

Combined Churches in Action is a non-profit organisation that constitutes a number of churches in the greater Clarens area. Some of its initiatives include working with the youth, feeding programmes, HIV and AIDS education and programmes for the physically disabled.

CIE Investment Company Limited:

CIE Investment Company Limited is a public investment holding company. Its main focus is to ensure an ongoing contribution to the sustainability of values-based education in SA Catholic schools.

Community Outreach Programme (COP) Trust:

Community Outreach Programme (COP) Trust is a non-profit organisation that concentrates on establishing sustainable projects within the poor communities. They provide weekday pre-primary school care, nutrition and education as well as weekend adult family education and life skills. COP currently has projects in Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape.

Freewheel Trade and Invest 36 (Proprietary) Limited:

Freewheel Trade and Invest 36 (Proprietary) Limited ("Freewheel") - The shareholders of Freewheel are four black women focusing on the development of youth.

YWCA Dube Charitable Trust:

YWCA Dube Charitable Trust ("YWCA") is based in Soweto. The YWCA is particularly involved in projects that focus on the development of women and young girls. "

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