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Human Resources

ACCSYS People Management Solutions

The success of any company lies with its people, and for over thirty years, Accsys has developed a strong reputation as an industry leader, providing People Management Solutions.  Accsys software runs on Server or the Cloud, delivering over 12 million payslips per year, for over 2000 companies. 

Accsys is a member of Business Connexion’s Innovation Division 

Our Software and Solutions

Accsys PeopleWare Enterprise


For more information contact: Clara Namnick


Business Connexion has designed, developed and implemented an integrated transversal system for the South African Government. We call it PERSAL (Personnel and Salary). This system manages, maintains and supports the administration of human resource transactions and payment of salary for the South African Government at National and Provincial spheres. There are approximately 39 000 users who access the system via linked mainframes across South Africa, about 50 million transactions are processed each year and approximately 1,4 million government employees are paid via the system each month. Business Connexion is responsible for the maintenance, user support and day-to-day running of the system.

Persal also includes the Vulindlela team which is responsible for the design and management of the data warehouse for the transversal systems of the South African government.


For more information contact:
Loretta Coetzee (Senior Manager: PERSAL)
Tel: +27 (0)12 657 4392
Fax:  086 564 3383




NorthgateArinso (NGA)


NGA Africa is a joint venture company between NorthgateArinso and Business Connexion, that delivers Human Capital Management (“HCM”) services and technologies.
These services and technologies cover the whole spectrum of HR and Payroll as well as Workforce and Security Management. 



NorthgateArinso is a market-leading global Human Resources Services provider offering innovative HR Business Solutions through HR Technology, HR Outsourcing and HR Consulting.  Gartner, one of the world’s most reputable technology analysis and research organisations, named NorthgateArinso as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Payroll Business Process Outsourcing Services, for the second consecutive year.

Business Connexion is a JSE Listed, black empowered integrator of innovative business solutions based on information and communications. Business Connexion has more data centre capacity than any other service provider in South Africa and is the only provider of SAP Cloud Services in South Africa.


Market Focus

Whilst NGA Africa will continue to support its current clients and to grow its market share in South Africa, it has strategically positioned itself as an African HCM organisation providing solutions to Public Sector across the African Continent, inbound Multinationals taking to the African market Underpinned by Business Connexion’s dominance in the IT Outsourcing market and NorthgateArinso’s recognition as a dominant player in the following market segments; Global Payroll BPO Services (Gartner 2013), Multi County Payroll Outsourcing (Everest Group 2012) and Multi Process Human Resource Outsourcing (Everest Group 2012), NGA Africa is set to becoming a major role player on the African Continent in the mentioned markets.


Solutions and Services

NGA Africa traditionally provided most of its services in conjunction with SAP and on its own Proprietary Developed Technology (ResourceLink, euHReka, Compensate, UniQue and DynamiQue 1.0).  However, NGA Africa now also provides such services on technology such as Oracle, PeopleSoft and Workday.

The possibilities and services that NGA Africa offers the market in the Business Process Outsourcing Environment are of particular importance.  These services cover from SMME to Enterprise Solutions and range from Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service to Full Payroll Outsourcing.  

The above are underpinned by Business Connexion’s data centre capabilities (the only commercial tier IV data centre in Africa) and NorthgateArinso’s best practice global processes, delivery centers and technology which spans 5 continents.

In addition to its HR & Payroll capabilities, NGA Africa can provide an end-to-end Workforce and Security Management solution which includes: Time & Attendance, Access Control, CCTV, Biometrics, Physical Security Information Management, Workforce Scheduling and Access Validation Management.


Market Trends

NGA Africa solutions support and underpin market trends such as:


Consumerisation: Technology provides incredible HR Opportunities as everything HR goes Mobile and BYOD.  NGA Africa can assist with Service Delivery Models and other Supporting Technologies.


BPSaas: Outsourcing Requires Wisdom.  Suppliers are developing their new capabilities in the “Cloud”.  With 40 years plus experience NGA Africa has the expertise to move full functional processes (total Business) to the cloud.


Analytics: Compete better with a “Smart” HR System – NGA Africa Solutions have been designed to combine Workforce Data with a Technology plan that will achieve just this!


Globilisation: As businesses grow and expand, specifically into Africa, they will be turning to Partners – such as NGA Africa -who can provide Scalability, Consistency and Global Reach. 


Compliance: POPI, Sarbanes-Oxley, SOC1 – NGA Africa complies these in its processes and methodologies followed.




NGA Africa is currently servicing clients in the following African Countries: Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Market Segments

Our impressive client list includes amongst other the following industries: Central Government, Provincial Government, Municipalities, Financial, Retail, Wholesale, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Media, Insurance, Transportation, Agriculture, Education, Automotive, ICT, Utilities, Aerospace, Unions, Political Parties, Mining, Property, Pharmaceutical and Construction.


Top Clients

Many of Africa’s Blue Chip Companies and Large Public Sector organisations feature on our impressive client list:

SAB Miller, Lesotho Government, Masstores, Ethekwini Municipality, Alexander Forbes, FNB Pension Fund, Exxaro Resources, Tsogo Sun, MMI Holdings, Konkola Copper Mines, ABSA, Multichoice, Ackermans, Ford Motor Company, Lewis Stores, Enfin Solutions, Tati Nickel Mining, Nampak Management Services, Central Bank of Swaziland, Nedbank IT - to mention but a few.


NGA Africa - Fast Facts

Total Number of HR & Payroll Clients:               > 570

Total Number of BPO Clients:                            > 400

Total number of BPO payslips printed monthly  > 55,000

Total Number of WSM Clients:                           > 80

Total Number of employees serviced:               > 2,400,000

Total Number of Clients outside SA:                 > 30

Total value of BPO payments per month:         > R 400 mil.

Total number of SA Payslips:                            > 25%

Total number of years in industry:                   > 40


Where to find us

Johannesburg: Forum Building
5th Floor
C/O 5th and Maude Street 


Midrand:        789 16th Road


Cape Town:   2nd Floor
Century City Boulevard
 Montague Gardens


Durban:          1 Cranbrook Crescent  
Cranbrook Park
La Lucia Ridge


 Who to Contact


Chief Operating Officer

Justin Boyd  -




The Local Government division (LARA) views itself as a ‘Solution’ provider and partner to our clients and it is our aim to ensure that in today’s Municipal climate where more than ever, municipalities are under pressure to deliver more with the limited resources at their disposal, we are catalysts and remain so, in assisting our clients in providing effective and cost effective service delivery.

Understanding the municipal arena, Business Connexion realises that all Municipal entities must optimise operations in the Information technology environment and so doing meet the ever increasing demands of the citizens and business partners within South Africa, and therefore we have ensured that the solutions we offer adds value and plays a key role in achieving such goals.

Involved in delivering solutions to local authorities since 1986, Business Connexion has a professional and trust relationship with over 72 municipalities who trust e-Venus for accurate, efficient, cost-effective and complete management of their operations. When you choose e-Venus, you are investing in South Africa: Business Connexion’s LARA division employs over 100 skilled Local Government Business Consultants, with in excess of 250 man years of experience in implementing and supporting Local Government Financial Management Solutions.


We fit right in 

The SOLAR solution is integrated with existing systems run by the municipalities wherever possible, so there is no need to rip out and replace current systems when any functions contained within the SOLAR system are added.


We integrate

Integration allows employees to see a single view of all relevant information about the municipality’s assets, its citizens or its customers and suppliers. That means queries can usually by answered by one centralised help desk, instead of being passed from pillar to post because the information is stored in incompatible silos. 


We offer solutions to municipal challenges

We understand the challenges faced by municipalities and as a result, we provide an essential service that captures processes and knowledge that is often not properly documented, so when an experienced council employee leaves their post, their replacement does not struggle to operate the systems successfully.

By capturing that information in documented process built into the systems, future employees are able to run the processes more easily.


We help reveal opportunities

SOLAR’s applications also include data cleansing processes that municipalities can use to reveal revenue-enhancing opportunities or pursue bad debts that have previously been overlooked because of outdated or incomplete data about the land it oversees.


Introducing SOLAR 

With this as backdrop, Business Connexion have reengineered and expanded our current offering from a standalone financial application to a comprehensive integrated architecture, encompassing multiple modules, and forming the backbone of our Service Oriented Local Authority Resource Management (SOLAR) offering. This framework and methodology ensures all aspects within the municipal business areas are addressed, also not diminishing on the robust functionality of the flagship e-Venus financial management module. Effective management of the complex and multi-faceted operations typical in a local authority depends on the support of a purpose-designed financial management system. That’s where Business Connexion’s e-Venus Financial management module shines.  

Not only does the solution stack enable integration, ensuring a single view of an entity, from property to citizen across all systems, specific features include the ability to share information with the public and create affordable advertising campaigns, while also incorporating complaint management. SOLAR therefore enables two-way communication, supporting the ‘Batho Pele’ principles by empowering ratepayers to effectively interact with local government. With the advanced SOLAR solution, empower the municipality to:  

  • Consistently deliver services across all channels and to all citizens.
  • Track and monitor all citizen interactions, supporting continued and positive interaction between citizens, the council, officials and politicians
  • Manage all processes electronically
  • The financial business processes incorporate proven best practices from optimally-run local authorities nationwide.
  • Monitor performance and track service delivery progress.
  • Provide citizens with secure access to their confidential information in a secure environment
  • Integrate easily with provincial and national government systems.



Business Connexion’s market leading SOLAR framework has been specifically developed to assist government institutions to realise these objectives with our market leading and legislative adhering, applications and systems encompassing the following modules;  

  • Financial Management
  • Bank Control
  • Budgeting
  • Enterprise and Financial Assets
  • Revenue Management and Billing
  • Consumer debtors
  • Housing Debtors
  • Sundry Debtors
  • Property Valuations
  • Land Information
  • Property Management
  • Human Resource and Salaries
  • Online Point of Sale and Receipting
  • Inventory and Stores
  • Online Procurement
  • Project and Job Costing
  • Investment Register
  • Loan Register
  • Financial Fleet Management
  • Management Information and Reporting
  • Financial Statements
  • Procurement
  • Performance Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Demand Management
  • Outage Management
  • Call Centre
  • Mobile Applications including payments
  • Informal Vending
  • Mobile Applications including payments
  • Informal Vending
  • Business Process Management
  • Master Data Management and Governance
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Portal Infrastructure
  • Single Entity View
  • Geographical Information System
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Performance Management Solution
  • Single Best Record – Single Citizen View
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Mobile Applications including payments
  • Informal Vending
  • Credit and Identification Verification
  • Cemetery Management

 The Service Oriented Local Authority Resource Management Solution suite represents the most comprehensive, unified e-Business infrastructure available to government organisations today. It is ideal for local government organisations seeking to improve business operations and drive rapid return on investment. 


Living “The power of Business Connexion’s Connective Intelligence” 

The SOLAR value proposition is uniquely enhanced through the Business Connexion Connective Intelligence philosophy. Software excellence is just one facet; just as critical to success and high performance is a focus on data quality, support and on-going training. 


Data Cleansing, Master Data Management

Not only have we ensured our solution stack incorporates master data management capabilities, Business Connexion has developed a proven methodology to ensure that the council data integrity is enhanced and a master data management methodology adopted. This exercise is critical for the successful integration of new systems and applications which enhance service delivery. 


Centre of Excellence (Competency Centre) 

Business Connexion LARA’s Centre of Excellence is a competency centre focused on the delivery of training and skills transfer to enable municipal officials to get the most from their investments in the SOLAR technology. 


Managed Services (Outsource)

Business Connexion also offers a complete managed services either as part of a competency centre to ensure skills transfer and training or as an independent service. Such managed services entail Business Connexion in partnership with the client, running the complete ICT infrastructure on behalf of the client. This ensures Business Connexion taking complete responsibility of the infrastructure on behalf of the client and by means of a mutual service level agreement, ensures the proper operation, technology update roadmap and system functionality at all times.

  • Modern Open Technology Framework
    • Browser Based application
    • Fully integrated front- and back-office processes
    • Mobile Workforce
    • Business Process Management - Electronic processing from end-to-end
    • Improved User Experience
    • Data Base Independent
    • Operating System Independent
    • Rules Engine
    • Portal Environment deployment
    • Single Sign-On
  • Four Tier SOA framework
    • Faster adoption and deployment of processes
    • Streamlined integration capabilities
  • Integrated MDM Framework
    • Realisation of Single Entity View
    • Data verification and Cleansing
    • Single view of the Truth
    • Revenue Enhancement
    • Data Governance
  • Deployment
    • On Site, Host or Cloud deployment
    • Bi-Annual releases available
    • New Releases and upgrades do NOT mean New installation
    • Fast and effective upgrades
    • Cost effective upgrades
  • Business Centric
    • Seamless Business Solution
    • Integrated Application Framework
    • Real time Management Information
    • Improved Transparency
    • Improved Accountability
    • Quick and Informed Decisions
    • Business Analytics
    • Data Cleansing – incorporated X-Plor
    • Dashboards
    • Services that span government agencies and jurisdictions
    • Improved and more accessible business management information
  • African Solution
    • African Based Skillset – no skill imports
    • Developed by Africa for Africa
    • No lengthy change request cycles
    • Dedicated Resources available
    • African pricing structure
    • User Driven enhancements
    • Onsite Centre of Excellence
    • Local Training Staff
    • Localised Business Support
    • Proven Track Record
    • Unsurpassed Business Knowledge
  • Comprehensive Range of Integrated Modules

For more information contact: 

Managing Executive


Innovation: Provincial and Local Government

+27 (0) 12 427 0601