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Your future at Business Connexion

As an Information and Communication Technology Company (ICT) we believe our success rests on two pillars: people and technology. Both are inextricably connected to our ability to deliver innovative, efficient and cost effective business and information management solutions to our clients.

 We recognise the value and importance of people in delivering services and solutions that add value for our clients, and in giving us an intellectual advantage over our competitors. To draw, retain and develop our industry’s most talented workers, we strive to be our sector’s employer of choice.

 Our corporate ethos stresses respect and dignity for all our employees, regardless of their race, colour, language or creed, and gender, age or physical capabilities.

Ensuring the best treatment for all : Our Human Resources business unit.

Our Human Resources Department is highly skilled and thoroughly equipped to support and develop all our employees, regardless of which office or client site they serve our company from. The HR department facilitates the transfer of our employees between our offices and our client sites, ensuring that every transfer is fair and suitable. Each employee’s terms and conditions of employment are effectively managed to guarantee that no matter where or how they serve our company, they are fairly treated.

Maximising our company’s human potential
Our Skills Development Principles

At Business Connexion, we are committed to the development of all our employees. To make the most of our human potential, we continuously help our employees with job specific skills development and educational assistance to acquire new tertiary qualifications. We also support the National Skills Development Initiatives prioritised by government by giving unemployed IT Graduates learnerships and internships. In this way, we can ensure that our company has the constant influx of talent it needs to flourish and grow, and fulfils its responsibilities as good corporate citizen.

Recognising your abilities and your needs
Our Reward and Remuneration policies

Business Connexion understands the importance of incentives and works from a Total Cost to Company remuneration package principle. Our reward policies provide flexibility for each business area within the group to adjust their remuneration practices to stay competitive within their field. Our company’s benefit programmes are carefully designed to recognise and reward employees for outstanding performances.

Giving you a say in our company and our future
Our Employee Representation initiatives

We believe that all our employees have a right to be heard. To give them a vehicle to promote their interests, and contribute their ideas on the operation and tactical management of our organisation, Business Connexion has established an Employee Communications Forum. The 1Voice keeps management abreast of our employees’ needs and interests so our work place stays efficient and effective. We encourage a free and open exchange of ideas and experiences on all aspects of our business and economic environment. The 1Voice also provides a platform for staff and management to reach agreement on issues and decisions that affect their future as stakeholders within our business.

Addressing the imbalances of the past
Our Transformation Track Record

Business Connexion is one of the largest black controlled and managed ICT companies on the African continent. We actively seek to achieve employment equity based on set targets for transformation and disability across all grades of our organisation. At present we employ over 5 000 people, more than thirty percent of whom come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

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